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The Solar observation outpost was an outpost used by Ba'al to monitor stars and solar flares for the purpose of time travel. The outpost was located on the planet Praxyon.

It controlled hundreds of satellites orbiting stars that relay real-time information back to the Main computer. This information could be used to send a person forth or back in time. Within the Outpost, there was a Stargate, a set of Transportation rings, a computer core and a hologram projector. The outpost seemed to be several kilometers underneath the ground and seemed to go further.

A hologram showing a star having a solar flare

While the origin of the outpost remains a mystery, the Ancient language indicates that it was built by either the Ancients or Anubis as they are the only ones known to normally use Ancient writing in their facilities. If it is of Ancient origin, this facility was probably used to study solar eruptions or less possible to return those that accidentally traveled through time due to a solar flare . It is however possible that the creator was a rogue faction or a rogue scientist such as Janus, given the Ancients stance on time travel .


The outpost explodes after Teal'c commits suicide to kill Qetesh

Having discovered this station under unrevealed circumstances, Ba'al used it to monitor solar flares and use the information to go back in time and change history. SG-1 later used the station to go back in time to stop Ba'al from ever-changing the timeline.

In the alternate timeline Ba'al created, Qetesh murdered Ba'al and took over the station. When SG-1 tried to fix the timeline she sent several hordes of Jaffa down to the station to stop them. SG-1 and the rebel Jaffa tried to hold Qetesh's Jaffa off while Samantha Carter tried to find a suitable flare to send them back to the right time. She finally found a flare, but not before Daniel Jackson was killed by a staff weapon. Cameron Mitchell then escaped through the Stargate, but just after Sam was killed. In the last moments of the station, Qetesh transported down to the outpost and found Teal'c still alive. She started to converse with him, trying to persuade him to become her first prime, but he rejected her offer and set off a grenade, informing her that he would die free. The resulting explosion took out the entire station. However, when time reset, the outpost was left intact. (SG1: "Continuum")

After Carter returned to SG-1, SG-14 discovered the outpost on a reconnaissance mission, SG-1 investigated it and figured out its purpose. After three rogue Tok'ra used the Time Jumper to try to save their species by convincing Egeria to create more Tok'ra, SG-1 used the outpost to follow them through time to 2492 BC. (Stargate SG-1: Moebius Squared)