"Smoke and Mirrors" is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


Senator Robert Kinsey is shot by an assassin, who later turns out to be Colonel Jack O'Neill. O'Neill is arrested, even though he says he was nowhere near the scene at the time. The rest of SG-1 investigate who is framing O'Neill and discover that a rogue group who have broken away from the NID are responsible.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Senator Robert Kinsey used NID agents to blackmail Major General George S. Hammond into resigning. With the help of Colonel Harold Maybourne, Colonel Jack O'Neill is able to gain evidence of Kinsey's involvement and get the NID to back off.


As Senator Robert Kinsey is leaving a building a sniper prepares a rifle. Before the Senator is able to enter his car, he is shot in the heart by the sniper, much to the shock of the crowd. Suddenly Colonel Jack O'Neill leaves a building.

Back at Stargate Command, SG-1 (without O'Neill) watches TV about this incident when O'Neill enters the room. They talk about the incident when Major General George S. Hammond enters. He tells O'Neill that he is under arrest for the murder of Kinsey. The remaining members of SG-1 are informed by Major Paul Davis about the facts: a live video feed of O'Neill, and a gun that was dumped in O'Neill's cabin's lake. The other members of SG-1 do not want to believe that the murderer was O'Neill. General Hammond relieves them of off-world duties and reassigns them to find out what really happened.

Jonas Quinn and Teal'c visit O'Neill in prison and question him about where he was. Afterward they talk about the time when aliens infiltrated SGC by using devices which allow them to impersonate another person. They go to Area 51 to look for the devices; all twelve devices have been replaced by non-functioning duplicates. Some time later Major Samantha Carter visits Agent Malcolm Barrett at the NID headquarters and talks with him about the situation. Since his office is bugged, he hands her a note that asks her to meet him later in a nearby park ("STANTON PARK 3PM"). At Stanton Park, Barrett tells Carter that he was ordered by the White House to find out who belongs to the shadow organization inside the NID and that Kinsey was helping him.

At the SGC, Jonas and Teal'c find out that one of the scientists named Dr. Brent Langham, who was working with the Mimetic imaging devices, was supposedly killed in a car accident but it appears that he faked his death. They find out that Langham took a new identity. Jonas and Teal'c visit his new home. Langham disguises himself but Jonas and Teal'c realize he is in disguise. Langham tries to flee but is caught. Carter and Barrett visit an underground store for weapons where the killer bought the rifle. They find out that it was bought by someone looking like O'Neill, actually an NID agent. Back at SGC Langham is imprisoned but does not talk until Teal'c forces him to.

Smoke and Mirrors 1

Malcolm Barrett and Samantha Carter escaping the explosion.

Major Carter and Agent Barrett visit Agent Mark Devlin, who really shot Senator Kinsey. When they break into his house they only find a bomb and barely escape. At the SGC, Dr. Langham reveals that he was working for an organization named The Committee and that they do this for profit. He doesn't want to tell them more "because the Air Force doesn't have a Witness Protection program." Hammond says if the Committee is so powerful, there's no place on Earth where Langham will be safe--but Stargate Command can offer him other options. He agrees to give them the names.

Carter is informed about this by phone. She tells Barrett about the mimic devices, and he reveals that Kinsey isn't dead; he is in a coma in a hospital and will shortly be visited by Major Davis. Carter tells him that Davis is one of the people who can be imitated by a mimic device. In the meantime, Devlin, the rogue NID agent, imitates Davis and goes to the hospital to kill Kinsey.

The Committee

The Committee in session.

Devlin then visits the Committee and tells them Kinsey is really dead this time although there were a few complications when he had to fight some of Kinsey's guards. The committee says that that's fine, Davis can take the blame. They aren't worried about Langham because he has no one to corroborate his testimony. They order Devlin to take out General Hammond next. Devlin says SGC will be prepared for the mimic devices. The committee tells him to try to negotiate with Hammond, and if that fails, to kill him.

A flashback at the hospital showing Devlin being captured, and the "Devlin" in the committee room turns out to be Major Carter in disguise, much to the surprise of the Committee. Barrett then enters the room with troops and arrests the Committee.

Later, O'Neill is released and visits the recovered Kinsey, with whom he must shake hands in front of the press in order to achieve full public vindication. O'Neill is of course none too thrilled with this prospect, as it may have ensured Kinsey's victory in the upcoming presidential election.


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Notable quotes[]

Hammond: I'm sorry to have to do this, but these men are here to escort you to Peterson. From there you'll be flown to Andrews and then turned over to the civilian authorities in Washington.
Carter: Sir, what is this?
Hammond: Colonel O'Neill is under arrest for the murder of Senator Kinsey.
O'Neill: What?

Jonas: I know you've been on secret missions before. We're not always privy to the details.
O'Neill: I wasn't on a mission, Jonas. I was in Minnesota. On vacation.
Teal'c: Did you encounter anyone that can verify your story?
O'Neill: I was twenty miles from the closest town. Alone. That was the point.

O'Neill: Someone duplicated the duplicators?

Carter: What are we doing out here, Agent Barrett?
Barrett: My office is bugged. It's standard procedure to record all conversations that take place at N.I.D. Headquarters. What I'm about to tell you, Major, nobody else can know. Especially my superiors.
Carter: What are you talking about?
Barrett: There's a cancer at the N.I.D. A shadow organization that operates outside the law. It's time they were exposed for who they really are.
Carter: I agree.
Barrett: The Prometheus incident, that was the last straw. After that I was called to the White House for an assignment.
Carter: What does this have to do with Colonel O'Neill?
Barrett: Senator Kinsey was working for me. He was about to give me enough evidence to bring down the entire leadership of the shadow group.
Carter: How did you convince him to do that?
Barrett: Let's just say I know about a few of the skeletons in the Senator's closet. And it is an election year.
Carter: You blackmailed him.
Barrett: I'll do whatever it takes to bring these people down, Major.

Hammond: I understand this man had some injuries when you brought him in.
Teal'c: (sarcastically) Dr. Langham was reluctant to accompany us back to the SGC. He required some convincing.


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  • When Jonas Quinn inquires as to who taught Teal'c how to drive a car, Teal'c replies: "Daniel Jackson instructed me." Jonas goes on to ask when this happened; Teal'c replies: "I believe the year was 1969," referring to the Season 2 episode "1969".
  • The Mimetic imaging devices were introduced in the Season 3 episode "Foothold", though it appears that no one on Earth has figured out how to reprogram them successfully yet. This is a major plot element that was kept out of the 'previously on Stargate SG-1' catch up sequence to prevent viewers from guessing the result of the episode too early.
  • The assassin's rifle is a Remington Model 700 modified to be taken down and with a threaded barrel to allow a suppressor attachment. Despite what is said in the story, the rifle used was pretty much the kind of thing one could pick up in one's local sporting goods store, except for the suppressor and the takedown feature. Skilled but readily available gunsmithing would take care of the takedown, and suppressors can be fabricated with downloadable plans, relatively rudimentary skills, and access to a machine shop, all things well within the reach of an Air Force colonel.
  • The revolving rifle shown at the arms dealer's is a Knight's Armament Revolver Rifle.

Other languages[]

  • French: Écrans De fumée (Smokescreens)
  • Italian: Fumo e Specchi (Smoke and Mirrors)
  • Spanish: Humos y Espejos (Smoke and Mirrors)
  • Czech: Kouřová clona (Smokescreen)
  • German: Das Machtkartell (The Power-Cartel)
  • Hungarian: Hatalmi harc (Struggle for Power/Power Struggle)

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