Sky is a young Wraith Commander that served as the Consort to Queen Death.


After the Raid on Bright Venture, Sky takes part in the meeting to determine what will happen to Doctor Rodney McKay, now transformed into a Wraith named Quicksilver as Dust is dead. During the meeting, Sky watches on quietly as Guide offers up his cleverman Ember to take Dust's place. Sky later takes part in the meeting when Quicksilver offers the chance to provide energy shields for the Wraith ships and brings up breaching the Atlantis Stargate. After Quicksilver states that the Stargate address for Atlantis is known, Sky argues that it is useless as the Stargate is well-shielded. As Quicksilver argues his plan to breach Atlantis using the backdoors he installed as McKay, Sky argues for it, stating that they will never have a better chance, a sentiment which Queen Death agrees with.

After the Old One proposes another attack against Atlantis, Sky takes part of the argument and is enraged when Quicksilver is called upon to take part, seeing the argument as a place for blades, not clevermen despite Quicksilver getting them entry to Atlantis before. Sky argues against waiting to attack again as he feels that they can't afford to delay and that if they can weaken the humans, they must try. Ultimately, Queen Death launches another attack through the Stargate on Atlantis with two waves of Wraith warriors and an explosive behind them. Due to a new mechanical iris installed in response to the Raid on Atlantis, the Wraith attack is successfully repelled and the Wraith lose over thirty men. Amongst those lost to the Atlantis iris is Sky who personally led the second wave. Queen Death is left grief-stricken and enraged at the death of Sky. (SGA: "Allegiance")

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