Skaald, designated "P8X-551" by the Tau'ri, is the homeworld of the Infestation fly. Skaald's Stargate is located within a dense rainforest largely inhabited by giant insects much like those of Earth's Carboniferous period. The world's geography consists of a single, massive continent mostly covered in a mixture of tropical forest and swampland, as well as a wide range of native fauna that do not appear to have evolved beyond the amphibious stage.

The swamp regions of the planet are inhabited by various invertebrates with potent drug-resistant qualities, as well as the ability to breed at an exponential rate, much to the discomfort of those visiting Skaald via the Stargate. Since SG-1's first encounter with the Infestation flies, some species of large frog-like creatures seem to have replaced the flies as the dominant species. The exact reason for this is unknown.

The infestation flies were known to occupy an area at least as large as the perimeter set around the Stargate by an investigating SG team sent to the planet. However, unlike on Svoriin, the severe levels of Solar Radiation prevent the flies' population from reaching unmanageable levels, as well as many of the native species having developed a natural immunity to their method of gestation; thus limiting their numbers even further. (RPG: "Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two")

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