Shyla was the Queen of Terella and the daughter of Pyrus, who killed the Goa'uld ruling Terella and took on the persona of a god himself.



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Shyla became infatuated with Dr. Daniel Jackson after he saved her from committing suicide. However, when Daniel pleaded for her help in telling Pyrus that they were innocent, she didn't say anything, presumably because she wanted to be in good favor with her father. As a result, SG-1 were all sent to the mines and forced into back-breaking labor as punishment. She used a Sarcophagus to keep him from being able to leave the planet without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. When Daniel left the planet to return the rest of SG-1 to Earth, Stargate Command, realizing he was no longer in his right mind, forced him to stay. When Daniel finally did return, free from the narcotic effects, he and Shyla agreed to destroy the sarcophagus so she could lead her people without becoming what her father had. (SG1: "Need")

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