The Shrine of Talus is a shrine on the formerly Lantean-occupied planet Talus. The shrine emits ionizing radiation. Jeannie Miller suggested that the power source ran on antimatter, while Rodney McKay considered it used a super-heavy element for power. The true function of the shrine is unknown, but it can, temporarily, offer relief to a person suffering from Second Childhood for about one day, before they die a quick death. This is because the radiation emitted from the shrine causes the parasite to contract in an effort to escape the harmful effects the radiation has on it. However, after a day, the radiation would make the person nauseous enough to leave the shrine, where the parasite will grow quickly again, killing the individual.

When Rodney McKay was suffering from second childhood, he was taken to the shrine. There, Jennifer Keller was able to operate on him and remove the parasite. (SGA: "The Shrine")

In 2009, while hiding in a tomb on PX5-442, Ronon berates Keller for not believing him about the Shrine of Talus and its effects, telling her that while his people may not have understood how the Shrine worked on Second Childhood, they all knew it did. (SGA: "The Shrine")

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