Sholred was a Tok'ra Infiltrator who spent nearly a decade in the role of Morrigan's regent on the planet Gleanavar, until SG-17's mission to contact them was exposed. Sholred's host was Kitri Samira and then Lieutenant Troy Stanton.


At the long-expected death of Sholred's previous host, Sholred joined Kitri Samira. They were together for twenty-five years, nearly a decade of which was spent in the role of Morrigan's regent on the planet Gleanavar, a position they hadn't bargained for but couldn't afford to refuse or abandon. Sholred secretly sowed rebellion among the human population and the Jaffa of her temple guard, for whom the assignment was one of low status and honor. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords", "Stargate Demo Characters: SG-17")

That ended when SG-17's mission to contact them was exposed, and they made the decision to separate so that Sholred could save the mortally injured Lieutenant Troy Stanton. Catain Ni Donall, one of the handmaidens she taught, helped to spark a brief uprising to cover Sholred's escape with the SG team through the Stargate. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords", "Stargate Demo Characters: SG-17")

Troy's recovery necessitated an extended stay with the Tok'ra. Stanton and Sholred hadn't definitely decided whether the arrangement was permanent, though it seemed likely. (RPG: "Stargate Demo Characters: SG-17")

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