"You're gonna go back to that ship and you are gonna work with those people, motivate them, do whatever you need to do to get yourself back home. ‘Cause I'm gonna be here. I'm not going anywhere."
―Sharon to Camile Wray[src]

Sharon Walker is a Tau'ri female from Earth, and is the long-term romantic partner of International Oversight Advisory accountant Camile Wray, who in 2009 became stranded on board the Destiny.


Background information[]

Though her occupation is unknown, she has clearance in the Stargate Program. She speaks - or at least understands – Mandarin Chinese. Sharon and Camile Wray have been together since 1997. The two live together in a suburban home and dream of retiring together to a beach, a picture of which is in their living room. (SGU: "Life")


On Camile Wray's second occasion using the Long-range communication stones, she treated her time as shore leave and visited Sharon in the body of CMSgt. Mooney. As Sharon has clearance in the Stargate Program, Camile was able to reveal herself, rather than disguise herself as Mooney as she later did when visiting her parents. During Wray's first visit, the two spent the day inside their home. After their time was over, Sharon promised to be waiting for her return, no matter how long that would take. (SGU: "Life")

When Camile switched her body with Dr. Amanda Perry, Wray wanted to spend her time with Sharon rather than deal with her colleagues at the International Oversight Advisory. Sharon took care of Wray for more than three weeks, with the help of Mary, Amanda's aide, because Amanda Perry is quadriplegic and needs constant care. (SGU: "Sabotage")

When she is next visited by Wray, it is apparent that Camile's absence is starting to wear her down. She has begun to forget where she puts things, her temper is high, and she has begun to develop a dependence on alcohol. She later admitted to Wray that she found it hard to keep seeing Wray in another person's body and not see the face of the woman she fell in love with. To help her cope with the situation, Wray introduces her to Marian Wallace, who had lost all hope of seeing her son Eli Wallace again, so that two women could talk to someone who understood their situation. (SGU: "Pathogen")


When it becomes necessary for the Destiny crew to spend several years in a Stasis pod, Wray tries to visit her to say goodbye, but she's in Brussels so they're forced to talk via telephone. Wray tells her to move on, saying that their constant separation isn't fair to her, leaving Sharon very upset. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

Alternate timelines[]

  • In an alternate timeline where the Destiny expedition gets trapped 2,000 years in the past on Novus due to a failed attempt to dial Earth from inside a star, Camile Wray rejects finding someone to settle down with. She states that she has already found her soulmate in Sharon and isn't looking for anyone else. As a result of Wray's commitment to Sharon, she never starts a family of her own in the alternate timeline. (SGU: "Epilogue")


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  • Walker and Camile Wray wear matching necklaces to symbolize their relationship.

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