"Shadow Play" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


The Kelownans, Jonas Quinn's people, want to re-establish trade relations with the Tau'ri. Jonas is offered clemency in exchange for spying on his old mentor, Dr. Kieran, who claims to form a resistance to take away all of the Naquadria.


The Stargate is activated and Stargate Command is contacted by a member of the Kelownan government. Later, during a meeting, it is revealed that they want to re-establish trade relations with Earth; the SGC is interested so that they can obtain more naquadria.

After the meeting, Teal'c talks with Jonas Quinn, who feels uneasy about meeting his people again.


The Langaran delegation arrives on Earth.

Later, three Kelownans come to the base: Commander Hale, Ambassador Dreylock, and Dr. Kieran--Jonas's former academic mentor. At the meeting, the Kelownans reveal that the two other hostile nations on their world--the Tiranian Confederacy and the Andari Federation--are about to sign a non-aggression pact. This means that if war is to break out, Kelowna would be completely destroyed in under a month; therefore, the Kelownan government wants military technology from Earth in exchange for a significant quantity of naquadria. The SGC is reluctant about giving the Kelownans technology because of a previous incident with the Eurondans. The Kelownans then reveal that they would otherwise have to use a Naquadria bomb if not given defense technology.

After the meeting, the members of SG-1 talk about the situation and Jonas reveals more about the situation on his world. Later, Dr. Kieran comes back through the Stargate alone to meet with Jonas. During this meeting, the doctor reveals that he is a member of an underground network--a resistance--that wants to overthrow the government in order to stop the potential war. Jonas then discusses this with SG-1, and Major General George S. Hammond orders them to find out more about the situation (another nod to Earth's failed alliance with the Eurondans).

SG-1 goes to the planet, where they negotiate trade relations with Valis, the First Minister of Kelowna. While the Kelownans want military technology, SG-1 only offers them medicine. After several fruitless hours, they decide to adjourn for the day. Afterwards, SG-1 talks with Dr. Kieran, who tells them where the headquarters of the Resistance is; O'Neill wants to know more about the resistance and asks Dr. Kieran to contact them. Kieran later travels to the headquarters to schedule a meeting. Concurrently, Jonas meets the First Minister in private and talks about his situation and whether or not he did the right thing in leaving Kelowna. They also talk about the situation on the planet and the minister reveals that Kieran is acting erratically. He hopes that Jonas will "watch over" his former mentor (which Jonas interprets as spying) in exchange for a full pardon.

SG-1 meets with the Kelownan council for a second time, offering to negotiate with the enemies of the Kelownans. However, the council is reluctant about this. They refuse to reveal the existence of the Stargate to their enemies, as they had not even revealed the existence to their own public. When SG-1 suggests that this would be the perfect time to reveal the existence of the Stargate--as it could potentially unite the people on the entire planet--the council retorts that revealing the Stargate is not so simple; if it were, the people of Earth would have revealed the existence of the Stargate on their own planet from the beginning.

After the meeting with the council is over, SG-1 meets with Dr. Kieran, who reveals that two scientists, who were members of the resistance, were "transferred" and have not been seen or heard from since. Colonel Jack O'Neill then wants to leave, but Kieran tells them that the resistance will attack soon and offers SG-1 naquadria for their help.

Later, the doctor goes through the city when he meets Jonas, who reveals that spies have been following the doctor. They run away and are chased by guards. During the chase, the doctor falls from a height and is rendered unconscious. He is brought to the SGC. During this time, it is revealed that he was found on a street and nobody knows how he came there. Dr. Janet Fraiser reveals that Kieran seems to have an advanced onset of schizophrenia and may be suffering from "paranoia, delusions, and full-blown hallucinations." Thus, apparently the Jonas Quinn who was running away with Dr. Kieran - and the guard who fired at them - were constructs of the doctor's own mind.

Afterwards, SG-1 (without Jonas) goes back to the planet and successfully locates the headquarters of the "resistance" - which is long since abandoned. Concurrently, (the real) Jonas talks with the council and tells them about the threat of the Goa'uld; the council is incredulous that the Goa'uld would attack now after thousands of years of silence. Jonas retorts that detonating the naquadria bomb could attract the Goa'uld to the planet.

Meanwhile, in the empty "resistance" base, SG-1 finds a large cache of naquadria, which they bring back to Earth. O'Neill then comes into the room and reveals to Jonas that there never was a resistance - and that Dr. Kieran is schizophrenic. Jonas then confronts the council about the two other scientists; the council reveals that they exhibited symptoms similar to Kieran's, and were sent into psychiatric care. It is apparent that the scientists' schizophrenia was a result of improper shielding from naquadria radiation.

Back on Earth, SG-1 talks about the situation of Kieran and the danger of the naquadria, believing that while the Kelownans' safety procedures were inadequate, theirs should be ample enough to continue researching. Dr. Fraiser tells Jonas that while Kieran's brain damage can be kept from deteriorating further, there is no known treatment that can reverse the existing damage. Jonas then meets Kieran, who is about to be transferred to a mental institution. The ill doctor still believes that there will be a coup. Jonas can only sadly agree.


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Notable quotes[]

Carter: According to their commander, the Kelownan government wants to reestablish trade relations with Earth.
O'Neill: I hope you diplomatically told him where to shove it.
Hammond: It's not that simple, Colonel.
O'Neill: (confused) They tried to frame Daniel.
Jonas: I don't think it's fair to judge the entire population by the actions of a few scientists.
Teal'c: The Kelownans are technologically inferior to Earth. They have little to offer.
Carter: Except Naquadria.
O'Neill: Which... doesn't work.

Teal'c: Is there a problem, Jonas Quinn?
Jonas: I've just been so caught up in being a member of SG-1 that I kind of forgot how this whole thing started.
Teal'c: We have taken similar paths. I, too, was forced to betray all of that in which I had placed my faith.
Jonas: I don't know if I can do it, Teal'c. I mean, they think that I'm a... traitor.
Teal'c: When I returned to Chulak after leaving the service of Apophis, I, too, was considered a traitor ... shol'va to my friends and family that I had left behind. In their eyes, I was dead.
Jonas: It must have been hard for you to go back.
Teal'c: What I did, I did for my people. In time they came to understand this.
Jonas: Well (sighs) I don't think my people are ever going to have a chance to know the truth.
Teal'c: Then you must draw strength in knowing that your cause is just; and one day your people will benefit from the sacrifices that you have made.

Hammond: Given our past experience, we're reluctant to interfere in the affairs of another planet.
Dreylock: According to Mr. Quinn's original report, you regularly interfere in the affairs of a race known as the Goa'uld.
O'Neill: Well, that's a little... different.
Carter: The Goa'uld enslave millions of people across the galaxy.

Hammond: You don't think we should help [the Kelownans] defend themselves?
O'Neill: No, I have nothing against them defending themselves, but... how do we know they'll stop there?
Hammond: (smiling) You sound like Dr. Jackson.
O'Neill: We spent some time together.
Hammond: But I have to wonder if this doesn't have more to do with your own personal distaste for the Kelownans.
O'Neill: Possibly, sir.

Kieran: (to Jonas) You opened our eyes.
Jonas: (smiling) If I stay a minute after the negotiations are finished, I'll be arrested for treason.

Kieran: So how are the negotiations coming?
Jonas: Well, after four hours, the only thing we could agree on was to adjourn for the day.

Jonas: I will not betray my friends.
Valis: On the contrary, I'm asking you to help a friend.


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  • According to the audio commentary in this episode, this episode is an homage to the legendary mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. (see A Beautiful Mind). In A Beautiful Mind, Nash starts developing Schizophrenia while studying at Princeton. After helping the United States Government decipher Soviet missile targets, he begins hallucinating that communist forces are trying to pursue him and ends up in a mental institution several times.
  • By now the Tau'ri have adopted a definite policy on the sharing of technology to alien races. This is similar to the Tollans' policy, but not as strict. While the Tollan refuse to share any technology at all, (even "harmless" technology that would only benefit Earth and has no potential to be abused) Earth only refuses to give military technology to less advanced cultures. It is agreed that humanitarian technology can be offered, such as radiation safety protocols, antibiotics, and vaccines. Even Colonel Jack O'Neill, formerly a staunch advocate in giving away military technology in exchange for military technology or resources, has changed his ways.
  • When Dr. Kieran is running away from the hallucinatory guards, Jonas Quinn - also an hallucination - is seen carrying an Intar. Since Kieran had never seen an intar before and had no way of knowing how it fired (intars only emit non-lethal stun blasts), Kieran assumed it worked like an ordinary handgun, which is why the false Jonas is seen using it that way. The intar can also be spotted briefly when the real Jonas is arguing with the council against using the Kelownan Naquadria bomb.
  • When SG-1 are in the Briefing Room, discussing the transmission from the Kelownan government, Peter DeLuise who directed this episode can be seen sitting at the desk in the background, just left to Teal'c, playing a SF.

Other languages[]

  • French: Résistance (Resistance)
  • Italian: Gioco d'Ombra (Shadow Play)
  • Spanish: Operación Imaginaria (Imaginary Operation)
  • Czech: Stínohra (Shadow Play)
  • Hungarian: Árnyjáték (Shadow Play)
  • German: Ein übermächtiger Feind (A Superior Enemy)

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