This article is about Ra's underlord. For the leader of the Cult of Setesh, see Setesh.

Seti was one of Ra's minor underlords, given rule over the planet Terella during the Second Goa'uld Dynasty.


Background information[]

He was tasked with ruling over the local population, the Terellans, forcing them to mine naquadah from the area surrounding the Stargate and sending it through to another of Ra's outposts to be received by Ra's forces.

Seti's Jaffa mark

However, shortly after the Second Dynasty's fall, Ra forgot about the planet giving Seti free reign. Despite this, Seti remained loyal to Ra and continued to send shipments of naquadah through to the supply depot he had been given coordinates for; what he didn't realize was that it had been abandoned by Ra long ago, and was in fact destroyed. Seti's Jaffa soon began to dwindle, not having any fresh symbiotes to implant in them, nor anyone he could contact in order to gain further troops.

Seti, attempting the only thing he could think of to keep the population under his iron rule, implanted the local Terellans with the maturing symbiotes and sent them through the Stargate to deliver the naquadah; what happened to these beings is unknown. This did not please the population, however, and it soon became apparent to them that their "god" was losing his grip on the people; none realized this more than Pyrus, a pit boss in the mines who was well-liked among his people.

Pyrus soon started a local rebellion within the mines, building up a base of power and gathering like-minded individuals to his cause. They managed to subdue Seti's Jaffa, stealing their weapons, and soon marched upon his pyramid. Pyrus himself marched into Seti's throne room, delivering a deep blow to the Goa'uld "god" and forcing him to retreat to his sarcophagus. Seti hoped to find a safe sanctuary here, hidden from any who would seek to harm him; this would not happen. Pyrus followed him into this sanctuary, discovered the plate on the throne which revealed the sarcophagus, and slew Seti before he was able to fully recover himself.

Despite Seti's death, his legacy lived on as the very sarcophagus he used to heal himself was later used by Pyrus, slowly turning him to evil. (RPG: "Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two")


  • Seti (Set or Seth) was the brother and murderer of Osiris in Egyptian mythology, the god of chaos, betrayal and war.