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"Seth" is the second episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


Jacob Carter/Selmak comes to Earth and tells SG-1 that a Goa'uld named Setesh is hiding on Earth. Dr. Daniel Jackson tracks down several cults involving Seth to Washington state; however, the ATF also has an interest in stopping the cult leader.


Seth 1

SG-1 examining the Tok'ra hologram containing all the information of the System Lords.

Jacob Carter of the Tok'ra comes to Earth to inform SG-1 that a Goa'uld named Setesh has been missing from their records (they describe as a sort of "Goa'uld census") for thousands of years, about the time that Ra left Earth. The Tok'ra have come to the conclusion that Setesh is still living on Earth and Selmak agrees to help them capture Setesh.

Dr. Daniel Jackson begins scouring historical records and finds that several "cults of Setesh" have existed in many cultures throughout history. He finds that the ATF has begun monitoring a modern cult led by a Seth Fargough. Several deprogrammed former cult members have stated that, among other things, Setesh even murdered many fellow members but the most incredible detail is that Setesh also has the ability to make his own eyes glow.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

The ATF team led by Special Agent James Hamner confronting SG-1 and Jacob Carter.

SG-1 arrives at Setesh's compound in Seattle, Washington and break into an area surrounding the compound. However, upon discovering the weapons involved, they retreat, only to run into an ATF team led by ATF Special Agent James Hamner who demands to know what the Air Force are doing here.

In a tent, Hamner informs them of what they're doing but keeps running into brick walls with Jack and Jacob both telling him that their work is highly classified.

Daniel also mentions that Setesh has probably set up escape tunnels around the compound and Colonel Jack O'Neill has the ATF assist in locating the entrance. Setesh uses an Nish'ta to brainwash the cult, so SG-1 used electrical shock devices built into ear pieces to counter the effects of the virus.

After infiltrating the compound through the escape tunnels, the team manages to free Setesh's followers from his mind control by shocking them with Zat'nik'tels, but Setesh hides among the followers and attempts to escape through the tunnel. Jacob senses him but Setesh attacks him with his Kara kesh, leaving Jacob and Selmak incapacitated.

Selmak then gives Captain Samantha Carter his Kara kesh before telling her to Setesh but despite Carter insisting that she can't, Selmak tells her that she can do it, stating that she has the will.

Kara kesh

Sam using the hand device against Setesh.

Sam then heads for Setesh before yelling his name. Setesh turns around and tries to attack, only for Sam to use the hand device first, sending Setesh to the ground. Setesh tries to fight back but Sam uses the device yet again, the impact killing Setesh once and for all.

Afterwards, Carter and Jacob visit Mark Carter in San Diego.


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Notable quotes[]

Jacob: So, you guys are the talk of the Tok'ra water cooler.
O'Neill: For what?
Jacob: For kicking some major Hathor behind.
O'Neill: Yes, we do take pride in good work.

O'Neill: Alright, let me cut to the chase on this one. You want us to help you find this snake head who, if he's here at all, would be hiding within one of 6 billion people on Earth?
Jacob: Yes.
O'Neill: Oh.

Carter: So Dad, you really don't think we have a chance of finding this Goa'uld, do you?
Jacob: It was the mission Garshaw assigned me.
Carter: You didn't request it? Dad?
Jacob: Why would I request it?
Carter: Come on, would it be so awful to admit that you just wanted a chance to see me?
Jacob: Of course not, you're right. That's why I requested it.
Carter: Okay, so that's obviously not the reason.

Jackson: I did a timeline Boolean search for religion, cult, Set, Setesh, Setek, Seth...
O'Neill: Yadda.

Teal'c: Because the creature represents Setesh, the helmets of the Setesh guard have continued to be the source of many jokes among the Jaffa.
O'Neill: Jaffa jokes? Let's hear one of them.
Teal'c: I shall attempt to translate one, O'Neill. A Serpent guard, a Horus guard, and a Setesh guard meet on a neutral planet. It is a tense moment. The Serpent guard's eyes glow. The Horus guard's beak glistens. The Setesh guard's... nose drips.
(Teal'c bursts into laughter... but nobody else laughs.)

O'Neill: AK-47s, a couple of UZIs, anyone think they observe the requisite 15-day waiting period for those weapons?
Carter: Sir, their sidearms. They're zat guns. I think it's safe to say there's a Goa'uld there. And... that looks like a pair of 50 cals.
O'Neill: Does the concept of overkill mean anything to anybody?

O'Neill: I was wondering when you folks were going to show. We got bets. I say FBI, they say ATF.
Hamner: Special Agent James Hamner, ATF.
O'Neill: Damn.

O'Neill: Something I can do for you?
Hamner: You want to tell me what's going on?
O'Neill: Didn't you say you knew more than I do?
Hamner: Apparently not. I just got off the phone with the President.
O'Neill: Of the United States of America? Sweet! How's he doing?
Hamner: He seems to have a thing for you.
O'Neill: Yeah, well, you know...
Hamner: In fact, I am to issue you an emergency special agent credential. He's put you in charge of this operation.
O'Neill: Excellent. My first order of business—get me one of those cool jackets. Extra large. Double XL if you've got it.

Jackson: The men outside the main court were used mainly as warriors and guards protecting the compound, pretty much doing his bidding.
O'Neill: Dare I ask about the men inside the compound?
Jackson: They were turned into eunuchs.
O'Neill: Eunuchs as in snippedy-doo-dah? Sweet.

Setesh: Welcome. Who are you?
O'Neill: Well I'm Larry, this is Moe (he points to Carter, then finally to Jackson), and of course, everybody's favorite, Curly.

O'Neill: So help me if I wake up and I'm singing soprano...

Jackson: (to Carter about Setesh) You killed him.
O'Neill: Hail Dorothy.


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  • When walking down the tunnel as they entered the compound, Dr. Daniel Jackson's flashlight is out. He looks at it briefly, then continues the scene as if it were on.
  • This episode marks the death of Setesh, the third powerful Goa'uld who is killed by SG-1.
  • When Setesh is killed, "Hail Dorothy" is said by Colonel Jack O'Neill, a reference to The Wizard of Oz. In that movie, Dorothy inadvertently kills the witch, which - judging by Carter's expression - is perhaps the same result.
  • As in the episode "Family", a shot from a Zat'nik'tel has the effect similar to electroshock therapy. In this episode the victims did not even suffer much pain. This could be explained by the fact they were infected by a virus like organism.
  • This episode may be an allusion to David Koresh leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect and the Waco Texas siege in 1993 by the ATF.


  • At the beginning of the episode, the Iris is seen closed, then opening, before an IDC code could have been sent, because a wormhole had not been established.
  • At the beginning of the episode, while viewing the hologram in the Briefing Room, the reflection of the hologram in Dr. Daniel Jackson's glasses should be spinning in the opposite direction, but it is spinning in the same direction.
  • Jackson claims that the Cult of Setesh existed near Stonehenge in the 1800s. However, according to the website which he is consulting, the cult committed suicide en masse in "circa 1722."
  • Despite being a piece of alien technology Teal'c is seen using his Zat'nik'tel in front of Jason Levinson when they burn through the bars into Seth's compound.

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