The Serrakin Weapon is a type of hand-held energy weapon used by the Serrakin and Hebridan people.


These weapons were typically green colored weapons which appeared to be produced by an advanced species and were capable of firing greenish energy bolts which had the capacity of killing or wounding a target. (SG1: "Forsaken")

Presumably, it was the Serrakin who developed the technology which was later used by the Hebridan.




Warrick Finn holding a pistol.

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They were hand held weapons that were capable of being held by a Human or Serrakin and when fired, shot greenish energy blasts at a target. These energy blasts were capable of wounding targets.

Warrick Finn and his first officer were left with only these pistol weapons after their ship was taken over by a number of Hebridan prisoners and attempted to ambush them with these pistols until SG-1 arrived.



A Hebridian shooting the rifle.

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They were Staff weapon-like spears which were held as a rifle and fired the same greenish energy blasts as the pistol. They required the use of both hands for aiming and had a handle at the lower part of the front of the weapon which was used to steady the shot of its user.

The Hebridan prisoners on board the Sebrus managed to wrestle control of these weapons from their guards after they were let loose from transport stasis and used them extensively in their attempt at eliminating the remaining guards on the planet.

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