A cut open Seefa Plant

The Seefa Plant is a plant species native to the Ner'ald planet. The Ner'ald people cut open Seefa plants and use the microbes that live inside for intricate tattoos. The Seefa microbes are non toxic, green in color and shimmer in the light.


Ner'ald's applying Seefa microbe tattoos

They are part of the Ner'ald heritage of their women going back as far as hundreds of generations. The Ner'ald's rarely every remove their designs but can with a salve made out of mud from a mineral spring.

When the Seefa plant microbes are put unto Tau'ri skin they don't just stay where their put like Ner'ald skin. They continue to grow all over the body of the Tau'ri, keeping an intricate design pattern as they spread. However, if left to grow it will continue growing until it covers the entire body.

Along with the mud salve, the Giant Bee species on the Ner'ald planet also can get rid of the Seefa plant microbe. The bee can suck it off of the persons skin. (INF: "The Illustrated Stacey")

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