The Sebrus was type of ship designed to transport dangerous Hebridian prisoners from their planet Hebridan to a prison planet.


The ship uses an Ion drive propulsion system of liquid nitrogen fueled rockets. It also has shields that are able to resist several hits from Space race drones without taking much damage and chromospheric shielding capable of deflecting radiation caused by close proximity to a star. When the ship is connected to an Earth Naquadah generator the ship's systems, though mainly its engines, become much more powerful and efficient. The ship also seems to lack innertial dampeners, but they simply may not be effective enough or were sabotaged.

With enough knowledge of the Sebrus type ship, which is said to be a common class, they can be easily sabotaged. With a few modifications to the communications array, and a Naquadah generator the ship can send a Blast transmission. The ship seems to be very agile able to dodge ice rocks varying in size very easily. It is very spacious and can hold quite a lot of people, and contains cryogenic sleeping chambers which are used to hold prisoners. This enlarges the supply of usable space within the ship as there is no need for a brig, but the stasis chambers consume a lot of power.


The Sebrus was commanded by Warrick Finn. Whilst going through an asteroid belt, however, the Sebrus was hit and thrown off course. The ship crashed on a planet with a Stargate, but the ship's crew or prisoners didn't know what that Stargate was intended for. The prisoners overpowered its crew and guards and killed most of them. with the help of SG-1 the prisoners were eventually captured and transported to the prison planet with the restored ship. (SG1: "Forsaken")

A year later Warrick came to Earth and sought Earth's assistance in winning a race called The Loop of Kon Garat. He wanted to borrow a Naquadah generator to increase the ship's power systems. Major Samantha Carter became the ship's co-pilot. Together they were able to get very far in the race, able to resist and avoid the Space race drones in the first stage, and were able to fix the problems caused by sabotage while in the second stage. They were able to catch up with the other racers and discovered that all the ships had been sabotaged except Muirios' ship. The ship was then put to use to rescue Golan Jarlath, and together were able to stop Muirios from winning the race using a Blast transmission that temporarily froze his ship's command functions. The Sebrus came second in the race, And Warrick became the winner's co-pilot. It is unknown what happened to the ship after that but it could be in ownership of Warrick's brother Eamon Finn. (SG1: "Space Race")

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