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"Search and Rescue" is the first episode of the fifth season of Stargate: Atlantis.


Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his team are trapped under the rubble of Michael's facility in order to rescue Teyla Emmagan. As Colonel Samantha Carter launches a team to rescue the rescuers, little do they know that Michael Kenmore is also searching the planet for the survivors.

Previously on Stargate: Atlantis[]

Teyla Emmagan received several visions from Kanaan to rescue the Athosians. However, her search led to her capture, where the kidnapper was revealed, Michael Kenmore. Kanaan has turned into a Human-Wraith Hybrid, and made him connect with Teyla in order to capture. She also learned that her baby will play an important role in Michael's research. During her captivity, she was able to reach into Kanaan when Michael was not around. Meanwhile, in an effort to rescue her, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was involved in a freak accident and traveled 48,000 years in the future. The hologram of Dr. Rodney McKay told him a way to get back, and to go to the address Michael planned to deliver Teyla's baby and kill her. However, back in the present when they go into Michael's lab, they discover that it was booby trapped, and self-destructed, leaving several team members trapped.


Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan are in Atlantis, dressed in evening wear. Teyla says she's been wanting to thank Sheppard, and when Sheppard wonders why Teyla says for rescuing her. However, Sheppard doesn't seem to remember rescuing her, and the fire from the candles catches his attention for a moment. When he looks back it's Lt. Aiden Ford sitting in front of him, saying Sheppard doesn't remember rescuing Teyla because he didn't, just like he never rescued Ford. Sheppard then feels a stab of pain and looks down to see blood soaking through his shirt.

Search and Rescue 1

Sheppard and Ronon are trapped.

He regains consciousness back in reality, and notices that he and Ronon Dex are buried under the rubble of Michael's facility. The two are in the same room, where Ronon is free and not as injured, but Sheppard is trapped under a beam that won't budge, and is seriously injured. Ronon says he tried contacting the others, but there is no radio signal. Meanwhile, in another chamber, Dr. Rodney McKay is stuck with Major Evan Lorne. McKay seems fine, but Lorne has broken a leg from the explosion. McKay finds a small opening, and tries to widen it to escape, which only results in more rubble collapsing in. Lorne tells McKay that some of the teams must have evacuated and should dial Atlantis, while the Daedalus is en route to confirm Sheppard's story, and will arrive in under three hours. McKay is forced to just sit and wait. However, in another star system, where Michael's cruiser is, Kanaan gives Michael Kenmore a report that one of their bases self destructed. Knowing that something happened, Michael sends his cruiser into hyperspace to M2S-445.

In Atlantis, they receive an unscheduled off-world Stargate activation. Colonel Samantha Carter descends down the stairs and sees Lt. Edison entering Atlantis, covered in dust. He rushed back from Michael's compound and tells her that the compound self destructed. With several people trapped, he requests back-up to help rescue the survivors. Carter calls for a team of combat engineers. Dr. Jennifer Keller is called in to tend to the injured survivors, with the expedition's new member, Captain Alicia Vega joining in on the operation.

Search and Rescue 2

Carter and Keller hear McKay and Lorne.

Meanwhile, McKay tries to make himself busy to deal with his claustrophobia, and finds Michael's computer. There he finds out that Michael's "Wiki" is still mostly intact. However, he notices something, and is about to tell Lorne, when he tells him to be quiet, since he hears footsteps. They both call out for help. Meanwhile, Carter and her team read four lifesigns in two locations, and starts searching, where Keller hears Lorne and McKay. They work on getting the two out. McKay tells them to hurry, since he discovered that after the compound blew, a subspace message was sent to his cruiser, meaning he is on his way. They work on it, but the other two survivors are much deeper, so they may rely on the Daedalus' beaming technology. Sheppard and Ronon attempts to move the beam for Sheppard to move around, but is unsuccessful. Sheppard feels stupid, since he should have known that the building was booby trapped but didn't think of it. He then tells, and eventually orders Ronon to leave him behind, but quickly realizes that he has no intention of doing so.

Onboard Michael's cruiser, he scans Teyla for her son's condition through the medical scanner, and tells her that he is doing well, and wonders why Teyla is still looking at him bitterly, since he assured her that the child will not be harmed. Teyla wonders that since he mentions her son a lot, he never mentions what is to become of his mother. Michael hesitates at an answer, and is about to tell that he plans to kill her, when Kanaan interrupts and tells him they are almost over the planet. Michael leaves, where Kanaan then releases her. She tells him that they must escape. However, Kanaan tells her that they will kill him if he is seen escaping, despite Teyla telling him that Michael will kill him anyway.

The rescue teams save McKay and Lorne, where they are about to send them back, but Lt. Rivers informs Carter that Michael's cruiser exited hyperspace over the planet. Michael notices several life signs combing the debris, looking for survivors. He plans to launch a squadron of Wraith Darts to capture anyone they find. While a Dart tries to take prisoners, Vega fires her weapon at it, and hits it, where it severely damaged. Keller notes her fine marksmanship, before leaving to the Puddle Jumper. However, as they are about to dial out, the Gate dials in, leaving the team trapped. They cloak the Jumper and fly towards Michael's cruiser. They are tempted at the opportunity to take Teyla back, but can't.

Meanwhile, Sheppard is weakening, and is about to give up hope, when they hear digging noises. A group of people are digging them out. Sheppard asks if Harris, one of Atlantis' combat engineers is there, but when they answer that he is, Ronon then remembers that Harris is on leave until the next month. Now wary, Sheppard poses a trick pop culture question; stating that he'll buy a round of beer once rescued, he asks the diggers if they'd prefer Duff beer (from The Simpsons), or "Oprah ale." When the diggers fail to answer correctly, Sheppard and Ronon know they are Hybrids. With their only option being to start firing when they can see the Hybrids, the two determine to keep shooting until they can't and bid each other farewell.

Battle of M2S-445

The Daedalus prevents Michael's cruiser's escape.

The Daedalus arrives at the planet, and finds itself in orbit along with Michael's cruiser. Michael realizes that the Daedalus has arrived, and tries to jump into hyperspace. However, warned by Carter that Teyla is on board, Colonel Steven Caldwell orders Major Kevin Marks to disable its hyperdrive, and the cruiser cannot go anywhere. Carter tells Caldwell about Sheppard and Ronon and asks him to scan for transmitter signals.

Just as Michael's drones uncover Sheppard and Ronon, they are beamed out by the Daedalus. However, as the ship had to drop its shields to beam the survivors, Michael's ship is able to cause considerable damage to it, disabling sublight and hyperdrive engines as well as Asgard plasma beam weapons, before they activate the shields again. They are now target practice for Michael's cruiser.

Keller is about to operate on Sheppard. However, he urges Keller to just patch him up so he can rescue Teyla. Keller reluctantly does so. Carter, McKay, Sheppard and Ronon formulate a plan to strike back at Michael to launch an F-302 fighter-interceptor attack on Michael's weapons. He will launch Darts to retaliate, which will allow Sheppard's team to sneak in on a cloaked Jumper and rescue Teyla. With Daedalus' shields at 20% they convince Caldwell to agree and they rush with the plan. Carter reluctantly allows Sheppard to be on the mission when he makes it clear that he's going no matter what, stating he'll submit to a court martial afterward if she wishes.

Battle of M2S-445 1

The Daedalus launches F-302 fighter-interceptors

McKay tells Sheppard that he and Ronon can rescue Teyla while Sheppard stays, but he does not agree to it. The Daedalus launches the 302s to strike against Michael's cruiser, to which Michael launches eight Darts in response. The bay doors open and quickly begin to close, but Sheppard manages to get the cloaked Jumper inside. Meanwhile, the 302s are able to destroy the ship's weapons. The rescue team begin by McKay tapping into the cruiser's systems to find Teyla. However, he also discovers that Michael is far ahead with the hyperdrive repair, and could be re-operational in 15 minutes.

Teyla is in her room, where she is sitting, and having difficulty breathing. Her guard hears a noise and sees Sheppard's team, but is gunned down. The team has now found Teyla, and plans to move quickly, but Teyla announces that she had been having contractions for over an hour, and are getting closer each time. Her baby is coming. They try to get her out, but McKay says Michael's hyperdrive is operational. Sheppard and Ronon takes a charge of C-4 and walks down the corridor to the hyperdrive room. Meanwhile, McKay is to look after Teyla, and tries to talk to her about an incident where both he and his cat once had a kidney stone. However, she has another contraction, and has to have the baby now. Sheppard and Ronon kill the Hybrids guarding the hyperdrive, where they are able to place the C-4, and detonate it from a safe distance. Kanaan investigates, while Michael wonders how the Humans are on board.

Search and Rescue 3

McKay is forced to deliver Teyla's baby.

Teyla is lying down and urges a very horrified McKay to deliver her baby. Reluctantly, he agrees and reaches out his arms to catch the baby. Teyla pushes the baby, and McKay catches it. McKay quickly turns from horrified to joyful, and hands Teyla her son. Sheppard and Ronon return to see what transpired. The five of them leave, and find that the Jumper has disappeared. They have no idea what happened to it, so they plan to take a Dart. There, they encounter Kanaan, who surrenders. Teyla introduces him to their son, and he agrees to help them escape. Sheppard commandeers the Dart and beams them all aboard apart from the baby. Not wanting to risk what effect the beam will have to the baby, Sheppard brings him with him in to the cockpit. Sheppard calls the Daedalus and tells Caldwell that he is free to do whatever he pleases with the cruiser. With the beam weapons back online, he has the ship destroyed and leaves for M35-117.

Search and Rescue 4

Carter's "exhaustive review".

Back in Atlantis, Keller prepares Sheppard for surgery. Carter passes McKay, holding flowers to bring to Teyla and her baby. Carter tells him that she is gating back to Earth to attend the symbiote extraction of the final Ba'al clone, and to head there for an "exhaustive review by the International Oversight Advisory", from her first year of heading Atlantis. Meanwhile, Keller prepares Sheppard for surgery. Sheppard asks Teyla if she planned on the baby's name. She has; Torren John Emmagan, named after her father and John. Carter arrives on Earth and meets Richard Woolsey. However, instead of going for the review, Woolsey says that the IOA is relieving her of command, and he will replace her as the new commander.


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Notable quotes[]

Sheppard: So stupid. Of *course* the building was booby trapped. I should have seen that coming.
Ronon: Yeah, well, none of us did.
Sheppard: Yeah, but I'm the *guy*. You know? Like, the *guy*.

Michael: Well. I guess we're fighting after all.

Sheppard: It's been a pleasure.
Ronon: Same.

Sheppard: Patch me up, I need to get back out there.
Keller: No, no, no look, you will be fine, but you're far from it now. You've lost a lot of blood. You need surgery, and a transfusion, and I mean, this can't wait.
Sheppard: Look, doc, Michael's here, that means Teyla's probably on the ship. I'm too close to sit here and do nothing.
Keller: You're not gonna be sitting around doing nothing, you're gonna be laying here in surgery.
Sheppard: There's gotta be a quick fix, I just, I need a few hours.
Keller: No. I'm sorry I can't.
(Sheppard grabs her arm with a bloody hand)
Sheppard: I had the chance to save a team member before, and it slipped through my hands, I'm not going to let it happen again.

McKay: I am great with kids! The little ones that don't talk back.

(Teyla giving birth on Michael's ship)
McKay: So, um, how are you doing?
Teyla: The pain is very great.
McKay: Oh, yeah I, I had a kidney stone once... Incredibly painful... Same kinda thing I'm told, so yeah I hear you. Actually my cat and I had one at the same time and we were not fun to be around, I'll tell you that much. He got his because he was eating too much dry cat food and I got mine because I wasn't drinking enough liquids, so that's why you see me hydrating all the time; because I have no desire to experience that kind of pain again. Oh, it was just -
Teyla: (interrupts McKay, panting while talking) Fascinating story. Thank you...

Teyla: (going into labor) Now, you need to catch him.
McKay: Catch him?
Teyla: Yes, you need to catch him when I push him out.
McKay: Oh God! Okay, well just... underhand him, all right? I've never been good at baseball.

Ronon: How are we supposed to get off the ship now?
(They look at McKay)
McKay: I just delivered a baby, that's not enough for today?

Caldwell: Major Marks, please make that ship go away.
Marks: Yes, sir. (fires Asgard beam weapons at the ship, destroying it)

(Sheppard is about to go to surgery and passes Teyla)
Sheppard: What are you gonna name the kid?
Teyla: Well, if it's all right with you, I was thinking of Torren John, after my father and after you.
Sheppard: Really? Wow.
Keller: McKay's gonna hate that.
Sheppard: I would be very honored.

McKay: Hey, what's with the bag?
Carter: What's with the flowers.
McKay: I'm going to see Teyla. Oh, you probably heard I delivered the baby.
Carter: I did. And they tell me she's gonna name him Rodney.
McKay: Yes! Really?
Carter: No. Not really.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • Right before Colonel Samantha Carter leaves Atlantis at the end of the episode, she mentions that the last Ba'al clone has been captured, and SG-1 is expected to put in an appearance at the ceremony. This is the premise for the introduction of Stargate: Continuum, confirming that it will take place shortly after this episode in the timeline.
  • The director's cut was leaked to torrent sites on June 19, 2008.
  • In a deleted scene, Captain Alicia Vega asks Dr. Jennifer Keller to have a drink with her. In a blog post by Joe Mallozzi, basically states that Vega is a lesbian when he says, "Further complications were suggested in the first draft of "Search and Rescue" with the introduction of Captain Alicia Vega who, in the episode’s final scene, essentially asks Keller out. The prospect of introducing a gay character to the Stargate universe was always an interesting possibility..." and " Of course, as Paul pointed out: “Do we really want to make this love triangle a love rectangle?”. Well, again, the decision was made for us when the episode ran waaaay too long and a good portion of Vega's scenes, including the last one, had to be cut for time". [1]
  • Amanda Tapping is no longer credited as a regular, and Jewel Staite and Robert Picardo have been placed on the opening credits. Tapping was offered a contract to remain on the show for season 5 but she turned this down to executive produce and star in Syfy's Sanctuary. She is listed as a special guest star.


  • When the Daedalus arrives Colonel Samantha Carter tells Caldwell to not destroy Michael's cruiser, which for some reason caused Caldwell to hold fire entirely. This makes little sense considering the knowledge that Teyla Emmagan was on board, the ease of which the Asgard beam weapons could cripple the cruiser without necessarily destroying it, and the incredible likelihood for Michael to retreat (which he attempts shortly afterwards, forcing Caldwell to open fire anyways after his delay).
  • During the F-302 fighter-interceptor attack, at several points you can see AIM 120A air-to-air missiles fired from maneuvering 302s. Many of those fighters expose their undersides to the camera, where you can clearly see a full complement of four missiles, even when one had just been fired.
  • When the Daedalus is battling Michael's cruiser it is seen moving away from the cruiser, yet when the Daedalus lowers its shields, it is stationary and facing the cruiser.


Other languages[]

  • Hungarian: Mentőakció (Rescue Mission)
  • German: Such- und Rettungsaktion (Search and Rescue Action)
  • French: La vie avant tout (Life before all else)

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