Se'tak was a Jaffa leader who came to power as the new head of the Jaffa High Council after Gerak's death. He advocated a harsher policy of dealing with the Ori through the use of the Dakara superweapon, even at the cost of killing thousands of innocent people with Se'tak believing that the actions were necessary to prevent the Jaffa themselves from being defeated by the Ori. Se'tak was also hostile towards the Tau'ri, believing that the Jaffa should remain utterly independent and free from any alien influence. He was killed in August 2006 when Adria's battlecruiser targeted the Dakara superweapon and destroyed it. (SG1: "Counterstrike")


Se'tak was a harsh, unforgiving Jaffa who was extremely critical of the Tau'ri. He also had no qualms or restraints about using the Dakara superweapon to wipe out Ori-controlled worlds, especially if the planets were full of thousands perhaps hundreds of innocent men, women and children with Se'tak himself simply believing that his actions were for the greater good of the Jaffa Nation.

In addition to that, Se'tak was paranoid to such an extent that he mistakenly believed that SG-1 had claimed the Ori ship for themselves as a means of reclaiming control of the Dakara superweapon, Se'tak himself not aware of the fact that it was actually Adria, the leader of the Ori who was truly responsible.

Preceded by
Leader of the High Council of the Free Jaffa Nation
2005- 2006
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