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Scar's hive ship was a Wraith hive ship that fought in the Lantean-Wraith war and crashed on Halcyon millennia ago.


Near the end of the Lantean-Wraith war, this hive ship, commanded by the Wraith known as Scar, fought the Ancients over the planet Halcyon, having come to the planet for a final Culling before entering hibernation. On Halcyon, the Ancients had built a device called the Dolmen to protect the population from the Wraith, driving the Wraith mad when they approached the planet and forcing the hive ship and its Wraith to remain in orbit. The battle left many of the crew dead and the hive ship crippled with its hyperdrive damaged beyond repair. However, the Ancients fared badly in the battle as well and fled, promising to return with reinforcements to destroy the hive ship. Due to the war, the Ancients never returned to finish the job. Unable to leave and starving, the crew entered the hive ship's hibernation pods where the Dolmen had no effect on them and set the ship to land on Halcyon on autopilot, leaving a dormant beacon in orbit in hopes of one day being rescued.

Due to the Dolmen, the Halcyonites were able to enslave the Wraith and the people of the Fourth Dynast eventually discovered the hive ship, now buried in the hillside. While most of the Halcyonites captured Wraith from other worlds to turn into their Hounds, the people of the Fourth Dynast harvested Wraith from the hive ship in secret, cutting them from their pods and enslaving them to be their army. The Fourth Dynast continued this practice for hundreds of years, studying the hive ship's systems in secret to increase their power and technology level. When the Wraith Keeper was killed by Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, the Wraith on the hive ship began to automatically be awoken like all other Wraith in the galaxy. In addition, an accident when the Halcyonite scientists were experimenting with the hive ship's systems resulted in the release of Scar. Upon awakening, Scar activated the dormant beacon in orbit of Halcyon and tried to flee in a Wraith Dart but was captured and put in the training arena as he proved uncontrollable. Due to the ZPM powering the Dolmen being near-depletion, Scar was able to retain most of his intelligence and began plotting to escape the planet with his crew.

Eighteen months after the Wraith were awakened, the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team came to Halcyon where they discovered and destroyed the hive ship's beacon before it could signal the other Wraith. Doctor Rodney McKay was eventually kidnapped and taken to the hive ship in hopes of forcing the Wraith back into stasis, but he discovered it to be far too late to stop. At the same time, Scar was able to force Sheppard to destroy the Dolmen with a Puddle Jumper's drone weapons which released the Wraith from the control of the Halcyonites. The destruction of the Dolmen awoke the hive ship and its crew, but the crew was ravenous with hunger and nearly out of control. After taking control of the ship, Scar took it into orbit while Halcyonite scientist Kelfer programed a reactor overload to destroy the ship before being killed by Daus as he wanted the hive ship for himself. Scar intended to use the ship's weapons to destroy all of the Halcyon settlements and lead a brutal Culling in revenge for what was done to him and his crew. Sheppard, Teyla and Ronon managed to take control of the command center, but not before what was believed to be another hive ship began to approach. However, McKay realized that the ship was in fact the Daedalus sent to Halcyon by Doctor Elizabeth Weir to aid the team when the Wraith beacon was discovered and the situation began to degenerate. Seeing that the Daedalus was moving to engage the hive ship, McKay tried to contact the ship and warn her off, but failed. A mortally wounded Scar, as a final act of defiance, activated Kelfer's overload program to take the Daedalus with him. The overload worked, destroying the hive ship in a massive explosion that flipped the Daedalus over and severely damaged the ship. However, the Daedalus survived due to recent shield upgrades and the Asgard engineer Hermiod was able to use the Daedalus Asgard transporters to beam out all the humans left on the hive ship before it exploded. (SGA: "Halcyon")

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