Lieutenant Satterfield is a member of the United States Air Force recruited for the Stargate Command.



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She underwent a special training course under the supervision of SG-1, where she served in a mock SG team led by fellow recruit Lt. Kevin Elliot. Though even the difficult-to-impress Colonel Jack O'Neill gave her credit for her high marks — at the time of the training, she was already able to read Goa'uld with reasonable proficiency — he said he'd never go into combat with her. During one training scenario, she misread and failed to identify Dr. Daniel Jackson as a Goa'uld because, in the words of fellow officer Lt. Jennifer Hailey, "she thinks he's cute," earning her a reprimand from Major Samantha Carter.

In addition to her linguistic skills, Satterfield showed an interest in the contents of Jackson's office — despite being there during the course of what she believed to be a foothold situation at the SGC. Shortly thereafter, she became somewhat distracted again during a confrontation with O'Neill, who was behaving in a suspicious manner; Carter was able to relieve Satterfield of her sidearm. However, she ultimately managed to sneak up on and incapacitate Jackson, the presumed leader of the alien occupiers. After setting a charge to destroy his presumed control device and taking cover, she ran back at the last second to shield Jackson from the blast. Ultimately, her performance was sufficient to earn her a place on an SG team once an opening became available. (SG1: "Proving Ground")

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