The Satedan military museum was a building on Sateda where the Satedans placed artifacts and artworks about their military history. A painting depicting the Satedan victory at Vetariss was part of this museum until it was taken by Ronon Dex. (SGA: "Reunion")

After Ushan Cai began resettling Sateda, Ronon noticed that the museum was still mostly intact and suggested it be searched as it had a collection of Ancient artifacts. Inside the museum, they are able to locate some control crystals in display cases including an intact hyperdrive induction array control crystal for a city-ship's stardrive. This proves valuable as Atlantis' hyperdrive had an induction array control crystal burn out returning to the Pegasus Galaxy and the crystal from the museum is capable of repairing it to working order. Doctor William Lynn later discovers in an old catalogue of artifacts drawings of a ZPM a former curator had found. They are able to retrieve the ZPM which doesn't have much power but is priceless to them. (SGA: "Allegiance")

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