The Satedan Planetary Forces were a branch of the Satedan military, possibly a special forces unit. All its members were highly trained in hand-to-hand and melee combat, as well as the use of firearms.


The Planetary Forces had duties to protect Sateda, but also conduct operations on other planets, mainly attempts to take out Wraith outposts. According to Tyre, they "get in, hit 'em hard, and get out". One of the planets the Forces operated on was Sarif Sur - a planet that had signs of a civilization. The organization also included women such as Ara. (SGA: "Reunion", "Broken Ties")

The Satedan Planetary Forces attempted to deter the Wraith from attacking their homeworld, but eventually they failed. According to Ronon Dex, the battle lasted for days and everyone fought until they were all captured or dead. (SGA: "Sateda", "Midway")



Standard issue rifle and armor.

They wore body armor in combat and carried a variety of projectile weapons, including rifles and pistols. They may also have used Wraith stunners. They also carry melee weapons, including swords and other knives. (SGA: "Runner", "Sateda", "Reunion", "Broken Ties")

Known membersEdit

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