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"Sateda will not bow to Invaders."
―Satedan radio broadcast[src]

Sateda, also known P3R-534 is a planet that used to be home to an industrialized race of Humans knows as the Satedans and was the homeworld of Ronon Dex.



The ruined skyline of the Satedan capital.

Sometime in 1998, the planet was attacked and culled by the Wraith. Prior to this, the planet had not been culled for two centuries. The Satedans tried to resist, but ultimately failed. Today, the planet has been completely abandoned and now lies in ruins. Ronon believed that he was the last of his race, but little did he know that over 300 Satedans survived the Wraith attack by getting to bunkers west of the city. The survivors abandoned the planet after realizing that there was nothing left to salvage. (SGA: "Runner", "Trinity", "Sateda")

After being recaptured by the Wraith responsible for the destruction of Sateda, Ronon was made a Runner once more and left on the surface of Sateda to be hunted. To prevent Ronon's escape, the Wraith disabled Sateda's Stargate with a blast from the hive ship in orbit. Ronon battled the Wraith sent to hunt him through the ruins of Sateda's capital city, killing many but ultimately being cornered in the ruined hospital by 25 Wraith warriors. When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan arrived, Ronon decided to get revenge for the destruction of Sateda and being turned into a Runner twice by luring the Wraith responsible for it all to the planet's surface and killing him. After the Wraith warriors were killed, the Wraith traveled to Sateda's surface where he battled Ronon. The Wraith responsible for Sateda's destruction was ultimately killed by Doctor Carson Beckett with a Puddle Jumper's drone weapon in the middle of one of the capital city's streets. (SGA: "Sateda")

Later that year, while discussing Sateda with McKay and Teyla, Ronon brings up the apparently destroyed Stargate. McKay recognizes that the Stargate could not have actually been destroyed due to how durable they are suggests that the Stargate was either knocked over or had a building dropped on it, both of which would have rendered it inaccessible. After Teyla remarks that losing the ability to dial Sateda would be a blow to its remaining survivors, McKay has Ronon manufacture an excuse so the team can return to the planet on the Daedalus and repair the Stargate, a mission that is ultimately successful. (SGA: "Allegiance")

After finding Manaria utterly destroyed by Queen Death, the Atlantis expedition calls upon the Wraith Commander Guide to help them investigate. When Guide comments on how destroying Manaria was not a "practical" choice, Ronon reminds him that the Wraith did the same to Sateda. According to Guide, when Sateda was destroyed, most of the Wraith were still hibernating and they were not so hungry which meant that the Wraith could afford to make an example of the planet. Guide tells Ronon that the Wraith culled Sateda well and deeply first before destroying the planet. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

Eventually, some of the surviving Satedans decided to resettle the planet. Though the Genii attempted to take control, the Atlantis expedition was able to use an incident involving Sora Tyrus to force the Genii to concede on the matter. The expedition also discovered amongst the Ancient artifacts in the Satedan military museum a nearly depleted ZPM and a city-ship hyperdrive induction array control crystal, both invaluable to Atlantis. The Satedans began looking into the possibility of building an Air Force with the help of Lt. Colonel Melissa Hocken as part of their rebuilding and in hopes of finding survivors scattered in remote regions of the planet. Following the peace between the Tau'ri and the Wraith, Sateda was one of the planets ceded by the Wraith to the humans. Ronon was asked to be part of the new government that was being developed, but had no interest in being a figurehead. While abducting Doctor Elizabeth Weir, a Vanir spaceship was shot down and crashed on Sateda. (SGA: "The Third Path")

Behind the scenesEdit

Sateda was originally going to be named Atteria[1] but this name was changed to Sateda before the planet was introduced.[2]

References and notesEdit

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