"They were on a level very similar to yours."
Narim on the state of Saritan development[src]

The Saritans are a race of beings native to the planet of Sarita, which was located near the planet of Tollan. The Saritans first interacted with the Tollan when they had reached the equivalent to Earth's technological development in the late 1990s. Whether they were in need of a power source, or their neighbors were eager to trade, the Tollan gave them a device to produce unlimited energy. Instead of using this technology to help themselves, the Saritans used it to create destructive weapons and waged war on their planet.

In only one revolution of the planet Tollan, Sarita and all her people were annihilated. The shockwave shifted the orbital track of Tollan, causing massive seismic disturbances, making the planet uninhabitable. Eventually the Tollan had no choice but to flee in their ships.

This dark time for the Tollan would teach them to be cautious of outsiders, and to wave the option of sharing their technology, no matter how benign a race's intentions are. (SG1: "Enigma") Some of the people survived the destruction of their world in a number of spacecraft. And they hid everything on Tollan, and attacked several evacuees Tollan transport ships. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")