"We offered them a produce unlimited productive energy. And they used it to make war. In one rotation of our planet, they had destroyed theirs."

Sarita, also called Sartian, Satira and Serita, was the homeworld of a race known as the Saritans and the neighboring planet of Tollan in the Milky Way. At some point before 1997, the inhabitants of Tollan made contact with the Saritans, and gave them the technology to produce unlimited energy.

Instead of using this technology for its original purpose, however, the people turned the device into a weapon. In one Tollan day the entire planet was destroyed and the native Saritans met their own destruction. The destruction of Sarita lead to Tollan's own destruction, and is the reason why the Tollan people refuse to give "primitive", or less advanced, civilizations any of their technology. (SG1: "Enigma")

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