Sara O'Neill was the wife of Colonel Jack O'Neill.



After their son Charlie accidentally killed himself with Jack's gun, and Jack's subsequent trip through the Stargate, their marriage ended. (Stargate)


A little over a year after their divorce, Sara was approached by a man she thought was Jack, but who was, in fact, an alien duplicate. The alien told her that he/it was looking for Charlie and that he/it had to get back to the Stargate, which she had never heard of. When it began breaking down due to the Earth's electromagnetic field being stronger than P3X-562's, she took it to the hospital. When Sara saw the real Jack O'Neill, she was very surprised. (SG1: "Cold Lazarus")


Seven years later, Jack still had a photograph of himself, Sara and Charlie prominently displayed in his house in Colorado Springs. On a visit to Jack's house after he had the Ancients' repository of knowledge downloaded into his brain for the second time, Major Samantha Carter saw the photograph and asked him if he ever talked to Sara. However, Jack did not want to talk about it. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1")

Alternate realities


In the Stargate film, her name was Sarah O'Neil, and she had not yet divorced her husband.

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