Saqqara, designated P2Z-275 by the Tau'ri, was a planet in Milky Way galaxy which held a Stargate. The planet was ruled by the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis and was used as his homeworld. (SG1: "The Price You Pay")

This world once contained a starship of Ancient design which was discovered by the Goa'uld Apep who learned that it had the capacity to destroy entire planets. He quickly removed the control crystals of this vessel and hid them from the other System Lords and buried the craft on Saqqara. On top of it, he constructed a great pyramid which was known as the Serekh where Apep kept the sum total of his knowledge. That was maintained by a cadre of twelve resident Goa'uld librarians; who were unaware of the true secret of the Serekh's construction. Following Apep's death, the librarians maintained the Serekh data stores of tablets; which now contained the sum total of Goa'uld knowledge.

Following that age, it was a world that was ruled over by the Supreme System Lord Ra, but eventually fell into Apophis's hands; like much of the Sun God's territory. The Human inhabitants of this world were descended from the Egyptians similar to the ones that populated the surface of Abydos. In the city nearest this world's Stargate resided the largest population of inhabitants who were watched over by the Jaffa and the priests. By the time of Apophis's reign, the settlement was watched over by the Serpent Guard. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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