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"Sabotage"[4] is the sixteenth episode in the first season of Stargate Universe.


The expedition calls upon a brilliant mind from Earth to help after one of Destiny's twelve FTL drives is destroyed; a quadriplegic scientist who temporarily takes over Camile Wray's body.

Background notes



The episode has garnered some controversy concerning the direction of Eleanor Perry. Critics were critical of Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper's rather insensitive description, particularly saying that the disabled character "Must be physically thin (think Calista Flockhart)," as well as exploring the possibility for a disabled character to be in a sexual relationship.[7] Several web comments from fans; one such type of comment believes the situation to be "rape" who believe the breakdown to be a form of rape, as well as accusing the series of "indulging the cliched male fantasy of lesbians having sex with men."[8]


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