This article is about the human of the Kaliam galaxy. For the Goa'uld of the Milky Way galaxy, see Sobek.

Sabek was a human godling in Ra's domain and was a member of the House of Ra.

Sabek served under the mantle of Ra. Following Ra's death, Sabek was one of the first godlings to take initiative and embark on a compaign for the Sun God's place as ruler of the empire. He unsuccessfully tried to intimidate Thoth into following him, who instead awakened the warrior Hathor from her millennia-long slumber. He was eventually slayed by the goddess, losing his followers to her, and putting a final end to his quest for power. (Stargate: Rebellion 1)
Sabek Death

Hathor decapitates Sabek and displays his head to his followers

This character features on continuity with the original movie but on alternate reality than that of Stargate SG-1

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