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The badge of SG-1, the first SG team

"What you could bring back is precisely what I'm afraid of Captain. However the President of the United States happens to agree with you [Samantha Carter]. In the event your theories pan out, he has ordered the formation of nine teams, whose duties will be to perform reconnaissance, determine threats and if possible to make peaceful contact with the peoples of these worlds. Now these teams will operate on a covert top secret basis. No one will know of their existence except the President and the Joint Chiefs."
George S. Hammond[src]

SG teams are numbered teams with special duties within the Stargate Program.

Originally, at the moment of the formation of Stargate Command in 1997, there were nine SG teams created, from SG-1 to SG-9. At present there are at least twenty-five of them, up to SG-25. The majority of the teams consist of members of the U.S. Military like the United States Air Force, some Marines, civilians and United States Army soldiers, as well as teams from other nations like the Russian Federation. A few alien beings have also been allowed to join. (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Uninvited")

List of SG teams[]

The "Known former members" column lists those who are known to have left their respective team due to either death (denoted with a dagger sign: †) or reassignment. The "Known members" lists those who are known to have been within the team, possibly not all at once, and who may or may not have left it.

Team Assignment Known members Known former members
SG-1 Exploration Cameron Mitchell, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Vala Mal Doran Jonathan J. O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Robert Makepeace, Fred Buonarotti, Mathison, Hagman, Jonas Quinn
SG-2 Exploration / Research / Search and Rescue Louis Ferretti, Penhall, Michael Griff, Sands, Bell Charles Kawalsky†, Carl Warren, Casey, Ben Pierce, Michael Patrick Coburn
SG-3 Marine Combat Unit / Search and Rescue Albert Reynolds, Baker, Bosco, Castleman, Daniel Johnson, SG-3 Member, SG-3 Member, Peterson, Carl Warren, Mooney Robert Makepeace, Wade†, Morrison†, Teal'c
SG-4 Medical / Exploration / Russian Unit Howe, Marvin, Jentzsch, Dan Bseiso Sergei Evanov, Kravchenko, John Sheppard, Christopher Wallace, Babbis
SG-5 Marine Combat Unit Altman, Soong, Baker, Davis, Anderson, Russell Castleman, Harper, Dean Barber
SG-6 Search and Rescue Barnes, Fischer, Ryan, Brooks, Holmes, Erdmann, Burke, Miller, Riley, Sebring
SG-7 Scientific / Medical Long, Isaacs, David Evans, Mercedes Wynter, Karl Kreder, Adams John Smith
SG-8 Medical Strong, Palmer, Donavan, Tucker, Yip, Biggins
SG-9 Diplomatic Benton, Stan Kovacek, Carl Grogan, Tarkman, Winters, Gross, DePalma Jonas Hanson†, Laurence Conner, Thomas Frakes†, Matthew Baker
SG-10 Military / Exploration Henry Boyd, Moore, James Colville, Darren Seyler, Richard Heinig
SG-11 Archeological / Engineering / Scientific Martin Edwards, Menard, Woeste, Rathbone, Martine, Paris, Charles DeSoto Laurence Conner†, Gil Hawkins†, Loder†, Sanchez†, Robert Rothman†, Ritter†, Evan Lorne
SG-12 Military / Medical Barrett, Smithers, Behunin, Green, Jones, Johnson
SG-13 Survey / Covert Ops David Dixon, Cameron Balinsky, Simon Wells, Jake Bosworth, Waterhouse, Deveraux, Cochrane, Apone
SG-14 Exploration Thomas Graham, Blasdale, Louise Astor, Lewis, Glassner, Heffron, Wright, Sarah O'Neil
SG-15 Exploration Aston, Dwight, Tom Kemp Ben Pierce
SG-16 Scientific Wolfe, Marcus Quinn, Kenneth Sardoni, Paul Cook, Chin Albert Reynolds
SG-17 Exploration Laurel Thomas, Gregory Behrens, Joseph Gallegos, Troy Stanton, Frances Sullivan Mansfield†, Kevin Elliot
SG-18 Marine Combat Unit Reeves, Bond, Sorenson, Summer, Cutler, Rosenberg
SG-19 Covert Ops Brown, Williams, Cheeks, Ryder
SG-20 Russian Unit Tolinev Chekov (liaison)
SG-21 Unknown No team members named
SG-22 Unknown Raimi, Cameron Balinsky
SG-23 Field SF (Security Forces) Unit No team members named
SG-24 Unknown No team members named
SG-25 Army Combat Unit Peter Ludlow

Other SG designations[]

SG-X was the designation of a fake SG team created by Apophis with the purpose of infiltrating the SGC. It was led by Rophiapgisy, who posed as "Captain Kyle Rogers". (SG1: "Rules of Engagement")

SGR-2 was the designation serving under Stargate Command around two years after the destruction of the Ori. (Stargate Resistance)

Team uniforms[]

The standard United States Air Force Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) is used within Stargate Command by base personnel. A 'green' version is used by most of the SG teams under common conditions, but this decision is possibly up to the team leader. A 'black' BDU has also been featured by SG teams. Most teams also use woodland camouflage at some occasions. The Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) is usually used by SG teams when traveling to desert planets. SG teams have badges representing Earth (by the Alpha Gate's point of Origin symbol) on one shoulder and a Chevron and team designation number on the other shoulder. (SG1: "Exodus", "Redemption, Part 2", "Babylon", "Counterstrike", "Continuum")

Marines serving in both the SGC and the Tau'ri fleet wear the standard Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU). The United States Army soldiers in SG-25 wear the standard Army Combat Uniform (ACU). Air Force Security Forces wear their standard Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). (SG1: "Uninvited") (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

When off-world, numerous personnel associated with the SGC often carry P90s as their personal weapons of choice while carrying a thigh holster that contains either a gun or a Zat as well as a knife.

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