This article is about Stargate wiki's user policy. For our editing guidelines, see SGCommand:Manual of Style.

This page contains basic community guidelines for Stargate Wiki.

General Information Edit

Stargate Wiki is an encyclopedia focusing on the all branches of the Stargate series, including the shows, games, novels, etc. Any topic that is mentioned in any one of these sources is acceptable content material for this site.

Code of ConductEdit


Offensive language, either directed toward other editors on talk pages or in articles, is not tolerated. There is some leeway in Talk pages and in discussions between users, but inserting language that any user finds justifiably offensive is prohibited and will be removed. Free speech is generally tolerated on this wiki, but if any user takes offense to any comment, the comment will be removed. If you find offensive language in an article, please correct or report it to an administrator. Repeat offenders will be warned, and then banned from editing if the problem persists.

Talk PagesEdit

Editing other users' comments is not acceptable. Stargate wiki's administration reserves the right to remove any offensive comment/revert comments that have been wrongfully tampered with.

A user's page and Talk page belong to that user, and they have control over what goes on it. Direct communication with a user should be done by leaving a message on their Talk page.

Commenting on other usersEdit

Commenting on another user’s edits should be done on that article's Talk page or on the user’s talk page. If you disagree with a user’s edits (particularly if they are major edits) discuss them with the user and use basic courtesy. “Editing wars” without any discussion between both parties should be discouraged. Even if you disagree with someone, there is no need to be impolite. Discuss it first; they may have misunderstood your point of view.


Examples of behavior leading to a ban include:

  • Repeated vandalism of pages
  • Crude or offensive language
  • Editing wars
  • Insulting other users
  • Editing another user’s comments
  • Impersonating another user to vandalize pages or ridicule them
  • Abusing multiple accounts

First offenses do not normally lead to a ban, but an offender will be warned. Repeat offenders who refuse to listen to warnings will be banned. This may be anywhere from several days to several months depending on the offense. If the offenses continue after the ban expires, the user may be permanently banned. In the circumstance of a particularly severe first offense, a permanent ban without a warning will be implemented. This usually only applies to first-time IP address users.

Editing EtiquetteEdit


Stargate wiki will not tolerate speculation in main-namespace articles. However, minor speculation is permitted in articles under the following circumstances only:

  • If a topic in the show is said to be speculative (Example: The Stargate in Antarctica is speculated to be as much as 50 million years old.)
  • If there is substantial evidence for this speculation.
  • If the speculation refers to an unreleased episode, game, or novel. If this is the case, put a link at the end of the sentence to a supporting official source.


Stargate Wiki utilizes a number of sources deemed to be official by the creators of the Stargate universe. This includes the show, Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection, novels, games, etc. Any information retrieved from any source must be properly cited. If you are unsure about the origins of a piece of information or are unsure whether the source you are citing is canon, please see this article and this article, or contact an administrator.

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