When you upload an image (a picture, drawing, icon), you must explain how we got the rights to share that image under GFDL (GNU Free Documentation License).

  • If you created it (took the picture, drew the image, etc.), you have the copyright and may share it under GFDL or release it to Public Domain.
  • If someone else created it, then
    • the copyright owner must give permission for it to be released under GFDL,
    • the copyright owner must have released it to Public Domain, or
    • it must already be in the Public Domain because it was created by or for an organization whose works are all public domain (This applies to some government organizations.) or the copyright owner has been dead for a certain period of time (based on the country).

The following text is from SGCommand:Copyrights:

Please see Wikia:Licensing for details of the licensing on this wiki.
Warning! Information below may be outdated or incorrect.

All contributions to Wikia are released under the GNU Free Documentation License. See Wikia copyrights for details.


You may not copy anything to this Wikicity without the copyright owner's permission. The only exceptions are public domain content or fair use --even then you must state where you got the material (images or text).

If you use another site, book or other source for information that is not generally available, add that source to the resources section of appropriate pages. For example, if you read a book about one of the actors, and use information that is not available from other places, add the reference. However, the information about which actor plays a character is generally available (from multiple sources), so you do not need to add it to the references (but you may, if you want).


In order to simplify the copyright status of Wikia, only GFDL and Public Domain images are allowed. See Wikia image copyright guidelines.

Some people claim that screen shots from video fall under the fair use rule. It has been accepted that they may be used here this wiki.

Please use the templates to acknowledge the creators' works. See SGCommand:Templates:Images for guidance.


Please be aware that if you post something that violates someone's copyright, you may be sued, and you may be legally liable.

Images that do not have information about how the rights to post them here on the Wikia will probably be removed.

Examples of images with explanation of rights:

Note: Only the copyright owner can grant GFDL permissions. Everything on this site must be release into GFDL, and we do not have the right to release other copyright owner's material.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.