This is a list of people who have contributed to the Stargate Wiki. Feel free to add your name here, when you have contributed with articles.

User name Real name City, Country Notes
AngelQueen ? ?
Anubis 10545 Tyler U.S.A. Administrator
Anubis 1996 ? Belgium adding the best pictures possible
AscendedAlteran U.S.A. Work on random articles here and there
xgmx Kevin McDonald High Ridge, U.S.A.
CocoaZen ? U.S.A. Administrator
GingerM ? England Administrator
hunter88888 George Grozev Canada I like cheese. And DotA.
Knightmare ? ? Administrator
Jaymach Ral'Tir Andrew Michael Methven Skinner Kinghorn, Scotland Is striving to get all licensed material made canon.
Uriel718 ? EU
Marco Polo ? U.S.A. Administrator
Matthew R Dunn As user name Wales, UK Doing his bit to get this wiki on the 4,000 page mark, and then some.
Nmajmani Undisclosed Undisclosed Writing original summaries and adding pictures for all Stargate: Atlantis Episodes.
Pjotr'k Peter R Sweden Administrator
SFH Stephen Henneberry U.S.A. Administrator. Working on whatever, and trying to get images, assuming they're legal
SGCommand Dave Long England Administrator, original founder
Supa Killa the II [Classified, level # clearance] Finland Doing this & that, watching Stargate, perhaps some Fallout 3 at the same time...
Hafiedz Shahrul Nurhafiedz Singapore Work on any random article and always add some article to link to the original article. In addition I also edit some article detail on the the page that had been started yet like those in the Atlantis teams. I a fan of all Stargate series.
Chief Richard England
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