SG-3 was originally commanded by Colonel Robert Makepeace, with Lt. Daniel Johnson and others. The Marine combat unit is otherwise led by Major Castleman. Apparently command had rotated initially as Castleman, Major Carl Warren, Major Wade, as well as Makepeace were shown in command for the same period of time. Teal'c was once assigned to this unit, under Wade. The military unit was led by Albert Reynolds, with Bosco and Peterson. (SG1: "The Broca Divide", "Solitudes", "Prisoners", "Chain Reaction", "Zero Hour")


The teams SG-3, SG-12 and SG-15 are called in by Major General George S. Hammond when SG-1 are negotiating with what seems to be a hostile human race, called the Aschen. (SG1: "2001")

During an exercise with four young SGC recruits in 2002, SG-3 returns from an away mission through the Stargate. (SG1: "Proving Ground")

Later, the same month, Major Carl Warren is the team leader and the team is sent in to help the Latonans and SG-9 against attacking Jaffa on Latona. (SG1: "The Sentinel")

SG-3 is constantly mentioned by Colonel Jack O'Neill, suggesting that he is trusting its members to function as SG-1's backup and covering unit. SG-3 was standing by if needed at the Alpha Site to help with the Tok'ra/Jaffa crisis, but their help was never needed and they were back-up, at O'Neill's request, when SG-1 and SG-4 went after Nirrti on planet P3X-367. They were sent in as reinforcements together with SG-10 when securing P4S-237 when Mot had been defeated and they were securing the Stargate when O'Neill and Teal'c was under attack for the first time by a Kull warrior. They are experts in securing the gate when there an increased risk of attack, because of their experience in those matters. (SG1: "Allegiance", "Metamorphosis", "Prophecy", "Evolution, Part 1", "Death Knell", "Heroes, Part 1", "Lost City, Part 1", "Line in the Sand")

While it is unknown who immediately replaced Makepeace as the commander of SG-3, eventually this position was assigned to Colonel Albert Reynolds, most likely after he was promoted to full Colonel. (SG1: "Fallen")

SG-3 (with Major General Jack O'Neill) was tasked with transporting the last Ba'al clone to the Tok'ra homeworld. (SG1: "Continuum")


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