SG-3 was originally commanded by Colonel Robert Makepeace, with Lt. Daniel Johnson and others. The Marine combat unit is otherwise led by Major Castleman. Apparently command had rotated initially as Castleman, Major Carl Warren, Major Wade, as well as Makepeace were shown in command for the same period of time. Teal'c was once assigned to this unit, under Wade. The military unit was led by Albert Reynolds, with Bosco and Peterson. (SG1: "The Broca Divide", "Solitudes", "Prisoners", "Chain Reaction", "Zero Hour")



SG-3 under the command of Colonel Robert Makepeace assisted SG-1 in their mission to P3X-797. (SG1: "The Broca Divide")

During their first year in operation, SG-3 had brought back a small amount of raw Naquadah. (SG1: "Need")


SG-3 was sent to look for Colonel Jack O'Neill and Captain Samantha Carter when they failed to return with Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c from P4A-771. Major Castleman was on the team and possibly its leader during this search mission because Major General George S. Hammond instructed Teal'c to coordinate his rescue efforts with him. After their first mission together, Major Castleman returned to Stargate Command injured after he fell several meters from a rock ledge in a cave. (SG1: "Solitudes")

Command of the team was given to Major Carl Warren to rescue SG-1after they failed to return from their mission to Rillaan. They went to the planet, but were only able to come back with SG-1's equipment and to report that SG-1 had been sent to the prison planet Hadante. Warren wanted to pursue the rescue, but Hammond had them continue on their regular mission schedule which was to P2A-509. It was fortunate that Hammond had them continue on their regular schedule because SG-1 was able to escape from Hadante and had travelled to P2A-509 to meet up with SG-3 knowing that they were supposed to be there. SG-1 had to do this because they no longer had a Garage Door Opener and Warren allowed them to use his to send a signal to the SGC so that they would be able to go home. (SG1: "Prisoners")

SG-3, once again under the command of Colonel Robert Makepeace, was sent to P34-353J by Hammond to extract Carter when her father Jacob Carter was dying of Cancer. They later helped the Tok'ra evacuate their base when the Goa'uld learned of its location by Cordesh. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 1", "The Tok'ra, Part 2")


When SG-10 was trapped on P3W-451, SG-1 was going to lead the rescue mission and SG-3 was going to provide backup. The mission was aborted when it was realized that P3W-451 was being pulled apart by a black hole and there was no way to rescue the unit. (SG1: "A Matter of Time")

When SG-1 didn't return from a mission, Major General George S. Hammond had SG units 3 and 7 after them. There they found [[Teal'c] lying next to the Stargate unconscious. (SG1: "Out of Mind")

On a mission to P3X-254 they obtained information from several Tok'ra that SG-1 had been taken prisoner by the Goa'uld Hathor. Makepeace reported this to Hammond and Hammond put him in charge of the rescue, leading his team, SG-5, 6 and 11. Makepeace had SG-3 stay and secure the Stargate on the planet Eskal, while Makepeace took the rest of the soldiers into Hathor's base. SG-3 was captured by Hathor's Jaffa and several men from the other units were killed. SG-1 was successfully extracted and the rest of the men were able to go home after a daring rescue by Teal'c, Bra'tac and Hammond himself. (SG1: "Into the Fire")


SG-3 lost Major General George S. Hammond when he was temporarily assigned as the new leader of SG-1 after Colonel Jack O'Neill was forced into retirement because he stole a Tollan weapons scanner. This was really a precursor to a sting operation of which Makepeace was not aware and it was discovered by O'Neill that Makepeace was a Rogue NID mole. He was placed under arrest by O'Neill for treason. (SG1: "Shades of Grey")

Sometime command of the team fell to Major Wade. When Hammond was replaced by Major General Henry Bauer after the NID forced him into retirement, Bauer made changes to the SG teams and dissembled SG-1 and transfer Teal'c to SG-3. Bauer then had SG-3 go on a mission to P3S-452, a planet known to be a Goa'uld stronghold, in order to obtain refined Naquadah for a bomb he wished to test. The unit lost their leader, Major Wade, and another member, Lt. Morrison, sustained serious injuries while laying cover fire in their escape. They were successful in obtaining the Naquadah, but it had been at a very high price. (SG1: "Chain Reaction")


SG-3 under a new Leader, along SG-12 and SG-15 are called in by Major General George S. Hammond, when SG-1 are negotiating with what seems to be a hostile human race, called the Aschen. (SG1: "2001")


During an exercise with four young SGC recruits in 2002, SG-3 returns from an away mission through the Stargate. (SG1: "Proving Ground")

SG-3, once again under the command of Major Carl Warren, is sent in, along with SG-1, to help the Latonans and SG-9 against attacking Jaffa on Latona. (SG1: "The Sentinel")

Two months before SG-1's mission to Kelowna, SG-3 had come across a Goa'uld Sarcophagus but reported that it was under heavy guard. (SG1: "Meridian")


After Lord Mot was killed on P4S-237, Colonel Jack O'Neill recommended that he and Teal'c be able to return to the planet with SG-3 and SG-10 to clean up the rest of Mot's Forces. (SG1: "Prophecy")

Sometime prior to the Battle to destroy Anubis' mothership, command of SG-3 was given to Colonel Albert Reynolds. They traveled with SG-1 and SG-5 to Vis Uban to determine if the planet was really the Lost City of the Ancients. (SG1: "Fallen")


SG-3 (with Major General Jack O'Neill) was tasked with transporting the last Ba'al clone to the Tok'ra homeworld. (SG1: "Continuum")


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