Season nine of Stargate SG-1 began airing on July 15, 2005 on the US-American Sci-Fi Channel. The ninth season concluded on March 10, 2006, after 20 episodes on the same channel. Claudia Black appeared in a recurring role in eight episodes. The ninth season begins with Major General Henry Landry having assumed command of Stargate Command, and newcomer Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell trying to get the SG-1 team back together after the events of the eighth season. The season arc centers around the new threat of the Ori, a race who Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran unleash from an unknown galaxy, and who are threatening a crusade into the Milky Way galaxy to convert the beings to their religion, called Origin, as well as the rise of the Free Jaffa Nation and Lucian Alliance, and the demise of the Goa'uld

Broadcast Episodes[]

Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Avalon-1 "Avalon (Part 1 of 3)" 901 July 15, 2005 Dakara, Earth Jaffa, Vala Mal Doran's people N/A
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, a veteran F-302 fighter-interceptor pilot who participated in the Battle of Antarctica, has been given command of SG-1. His plan is to reunite the old team. However, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter works in Area 51, Teal'c is now working full-time for the Free Jaffa Nation on Dakara, and Dr. Daniel Jackson is going to Atlantis. However, a visit from Vala Mal Doran changes everything.
Avalon, Part 2 "Avalon (Part 2 of 3)" 902 July 22, 2005 Celestis, Dakara, Earth Jaffa, Prior, Vala Mal Doran's people, Ver Egen The Administrator
The team finds a mass of treasure in an Ancient cavern underneath Glastonbury Tor, England. Among them is a Long-range communication device, which is connected to the same stones used by Joe Spencer. When Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran place the stones on the device, their consciousnesses travel millions of light years to another galaxy, where they originally believed the Ancients to live, but find a completely different, yet similar race.
Origin (episode) "Origin (Part 3 of 3)" 903 July 29, 2005 Celestis, Earth, P3X-421 Jaffa, Ori, Prior, Vala Mal Doran's people, Ver Egen Doci, Prior
Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran are made aware of the Ori and discover that people are forced to worship them or die. From them, the Ori learn of the existence of the Milky Way and a Prior, a missionary of the Ori, sets foot in the galaxy. Meanwhile, Major General Henry Landry, the new commanding officer of Stargate Command, plans to learn more about the new Jaffa leader, Gerak.
The Ties That Bind "The Ties That Bind" 904 August 5, 2005 Arlos' World, Earth, Inago's World, Unnamed, Unnamed Arlos' people, Jaffa, Oranian, Unnamed, Vala Mal Doran's people Lucian Alliance
After Vala Mal Doran removes the Kor mak bracelets binding Dr. Daniel Jackson and her together, they go their separate ways, only to pass out again soon after. The only chance to save them is to see the scientist examining the bracelets. However, in order to get him to help, they must run a series of ever more dangerous errands.
The Powers That Be "The Powers That Be" 905 August 12, 2005 Earth, P8X-412 People of P8X-412, Prior, Ori, Ver Egen The Administrator
P8X-412, a planet formerly belonging to Qetesh (the Goa'uld who once possessed Vala Mal Doran) has been visited by a Prior. SG-1 visits this planet to convince the simple folk not to worship the Ori.
Beachead Mark 9 detonated "Beachhead" 906 August 19, 2005 Earth, Kallana, P4C-452 Goa'uld, Jaffa, Prior, Vala Mal Doran's people Nerus, Prior
The Ori plan to use Kallana, a Jaffa stronghold, to stage an invasion of the Milky Way. SG-1, with the help of Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, send the Prometheus to stop it.
Ex Deus Machina "Ex Deus Machina" 907 August 26, 2005 Dakara, Earth Goa'uld, Jaffa Ba'al, The Trust
A Jaffa is somehow found dead on Earth. Stargate Command soon find that Gerak has sent Jaffa to Earth to claim his prize; Ba'al is hiding on Earth and threatens to detonate a Naquadah bomb if they don't leave him alone.
Babylon "Babylon" 908 September 9, 2005 Earth, P9G-844 Prior, Sodan Damaris
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell is ambushed and captured by a group of legendary rebel Jaffa known as the Sodan. However, because he supposedly killed one of their own before he was captured, he is challenged to Kel shak lo, a Sodan battle to the death.
Prototype "Prototype" 909 September 16, 2005 Earth, P3X-584 Mashur Khalek
A seeming glitch in a Stargate throws SG-1 off course and onto another planet. After finding a way around it, they discover a lab with a man in a stasis pod named Khalek. They soon realize, however, that he's a genetic hybrid created by Anubis.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 1 "The Fourth Horseman (Part 1 of 2)" 910 September 16, 2005 Celestis, Chulak, Dakara, Earth, P9G-844 Ancient, Jaffa, Prior, Sodan, Ver Egen Damaris
SG-6 returns to Earth from investigating a planet visited by a Prior, they inadvertently cause a plague that soon spreads beyond Stargate Command to the unsuspecting public. Orlin returns in the form of a child and tells the Tau'ri the truth about the Ori.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 "The Fourth Horseman (Part 2 of 2)" 911 January 6, 2006 Chulak, Dakara, Earth, P9G-844 Ancient, Jaffa, Prior, Sodan Damaris
With the plague rapidly spreading to the corners of Earth, SG-1 plan on using a new disruptor device to capture a Prior on the Sodan world, the same Prior who started the plague. Gerak, leader of the Jaffa, has been turned into a Prior to give the Jaffa the chance to accept Origin.
Galar 2 "Collateral Damage" 912 January 13, 2006 Earth, Galar Galaran N/A
The Galarans have the technology to implant memories into people's minds. When Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell wakes up with the memory of murdering one of the scientists behind its development, SG-1 must help prove that it is not really his memory and that he is innocent.
Ripple Effect "Ripple Effect" 913 January 20, 2006 Earth Asgard, Jaffa, Tok'ra Alternate SG-1
SG-1 returns early from a routine mission, believing differently than Major General Henry Landry key details about their mission. Then the real SG-1 returns at their correctly scheduled time. Soon, other SG-1s from alternate realities begin arriving and the real SG-1 must find a way to get them back to their own realities, but not all is as it seems when the first alternate team have plans of their own.
Stronghold "Stronghold" 914 January 27, 2006 Dakara, Earth, P2M-903, Unnamed Goa'uld, Jaffa Ba'al
While Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell visits an old friend, Teal'c and Bra'tac notice that several Jaffa begin acting strangely. As Teal'c investigates further, he is captured and learns that Ba'al has brainwashed them.
Ethon "Ethon" 915 February 3, 2006 Earth, Tegalus Tegalan Nadal
Jared Kane, of the Rand Protectorate, defies orders and travels through the Stargate to Earth. He informs SG-1 that his people were visited by a Prior, who instructed them to build a satellite and, with it, destroy the Caledonian Federation. When Kane and Dr. Daniel Jackson return to Rand, they are both arrested, prompting SG-1 to launch a rescue mission with the Prometheus.
Off the Grid "Off the Grid" 916 February 10, 2006 Earth, P6G-452, Unnamed Goa'uld, Jaffa, People of P6G-452 Ba'al, Netan
After a failed mission to learn about the new, extremely addictive Lucian Alliance crop, Kassa, the planet's Stargate is beamed away before SG-1 can escape. After discovering that multiple Stargates have disappeared, Major General Henry Landry questions the imprisoned Nerus about who is responsible.
The Scourge "The Scourge" 917 February 17, 2006 Earth, Gamma Site R-75 R-75
After SG-1 is forced into "babysitting duty" for International Oversight Advisory representatives at the Gamma Site, a swarm of bugs that the scientists at the Gamma Site are investigating somehow turn carnivorous before escaping captivity. They proceed to devour everyone and everything in their paths, forcing SG-1 into an intense life or death situation, as they seek to escape the Gamma Site while ensuring that they and the IOA representatives get off the planet alive.
Arthur's Mantle "Arthur's Mantle" 918 February 24, 2006 Earth, P9G-844, Unnamed Prior, Sodan Volnek
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter are "out of phase", after activating Arthur's Mantle, and may be stuck that way forever. Soon, Dr. Daniel Jackson finds himself sharing their fate. Meanwhile, Teal'c and a team arrive on the Sodan home planet, and find that Volnek has been ravaged by a Prior, killing them all.
Crusade "Crusade (Part 1 of 3)" 919 March 3, 2006 Earth, Ver Isca Ori, Prior, Vala Mal Doran's people, Ver Iscan Prior
Vala Mal Doran uses a Long-range communication device from the Alteran Home Galaxy to make contact with Earth through Dr. Daniel Jackson. She warns Stargate Command that the Ori are coming to the Milky Way and there may be no way to stop them.
Camelot (episode) "Camelot (Part 2 of 3)" 920 March 10, 2006 Camelot, Earth Asgard, Jaffa, Tok'ra, People of Camelot, Vala Mal Doran's people Ori
SG-1 goes to Camelot, after finding its address from Arthur's Mantle, in the hopes of finding a means to stop the Ori before they arrive in the Milky Way. Meanwhile, a new Supergate is discovered, where they plan to prevent the Ori from dialing in, but they are too late.


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  • Nominated Saturn Award for "Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series"
  • Nominated Saturn Award for "Best Actor on Television" (Ben Browder)
  • Nominated Saturn Award for "Best Supporting Actress on Television" (Claudia Black)



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