Season four of Stargate SG-1 began airing on June 30, 2000 on Showtime. The fourth season concluded after 22 episodes on February 14, 2001 on British Sky One, which overtook Showtime in mid-season.

Broadcast Episodes

Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Small Victories "Small Victories (Part 2 of 2)" 401 June 30, 2000 Earth, Othala Asgard, Replicator Replicators
Despite the defeat of the Replicators, one survived the crash and managed to infest the Russian submarine Blackbird to replicate a new army. Meanwhile, Thor returns to Earth and wants Major Samantha Carter's assistance to defeat the Replicators from taking over Othala, by using "stupid ideas" as a means of stopping them.
The Other Side "The Other Side" 402 July 7, 2000 Earth, Euronda Eurondan, Breeder Alar, Farrell
The Eurondans, who have an ancestral history with the Tau'ri, contact Earth and request their assistance to win a generations-long war. However, the lack of intel about their "enemy" and their shady behavior arouses a lot of suspicion from Dr. Daniel Jackson.
Upgrades "Upgrades" 403 July 14, 2000 Earth, PX9-757 Atanik, Jaffa, Tok'ra Serpent Guards
Anise of the Tok'ra arrives on Earth to test Atanik armbands on SG-1, and notices that they cause the team to be physically augmented. With their new powers evident, SG-1 urges Major General George S. Hammond to let them fight the Goa'uld with them. However, the armbands also make the team more irrational.
Crossroads "Crossroads" 404 July 21, 2000 Earth, Vorash Chulakian, Goa'uld, People of Paraval, Tok'ra Tanith
Shan'auc, one of Teal'c's old flames and priestess of Chulak claims to have taught her symbiote to despise the Goa'uld. The Tok'ra seem convinced of this, but there is still a reasonable amount of doubt from the others.
Divide and Conquer "Divide and Conquer" 405 July 28, 2000 Earth, P6Y-325, PX9-757, Vorash Jaffa, Tok'ra Za'tarc, Martouf
The Tok'ra and Tau'ri plan a treaty for their alliance. Unfortunately, mind-controlled assassins who work for the Goa'uld, known as Za'tarcs are among them. Anise invented a device, similar to a lie detector, to determine who is a Za'tarc, but can hardly believe when Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill are confirmed to be Za'tarcs.
Window of Opportunity "Window of Opportunity" 406 August 4, 2000 Earth, P4X-639 Malakai's people Malakai
On a routine mission to P4X-639, SG-1 meets an alien archaeologist Malakai operating an Ancient device. Malakai has his own motives and causes a time loop, where only Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c notice. Furthermore, convincing the rest they are trapped in a time loop and that they have to return to the planet to stop it proves difficult when the same few hours from breakfast to the mission is repeated over and over again.
Watergate "Watergate" 407 August 11, 2000 Earth, Water planet Water-based life form Water-based life form
Stargate Command is unable to activate their Stargate. They soon discover that the Russians have their hands on one, after they recovered one from the wreckage of the crashed Biliskner. Another problem is that their Stargate is somehow still activated indefinitely.
The First Ones "The First Ones" 408 August 18, 2000 Earth, P3X-888 Goa'uld, Unas Robert Rothman, Unas
Dr. Daniel Jackson is captured and taken prisoner by an Unas later to be known as Chaka on P3X-888. While he learns more about the Unas, the rest of SG-1 and other teams plan a rescue operation. However, Teal'c stops them, after he senses that one of the team members is taken host by a Goa'uld.
Scorched Earth "Scorched Earth" 409 August 25, 2000 P5S-381, Earth Gadmeer, Enkaran N/A
SG-1 has relocated the Enkarans to a planet suitable for them. However, at the same time, the Gadmeer, a sulfur-based lifeform also claims the planet, by igniting the planet with their terraformer.
Beneath the Surface "Beneath the Surface" 410 September 1, 2000 Earth, P3R-118 People of P3R-118 Calder
Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c are somehow working as miners on the ice-age ridden planet of P3R-118, and are known as Thera, Karlan, Jonah and Tor respectively. Meanwhile, the SG teams are searching all over the ice covered planet for any signs of SG-1, who have gone missing.
Martin's world "Point of No Return" 411 September 8, 2000 Earth, Martin's world Martin's people Peter Tanner
Stargate Command is contacted by Martin Lloyd, who needs to speak to Colonel Jack O'Neill. SG-1 goes to Montana to see who he is, as he claims to be from outer space, and insists that a crashed spaceship is nearby. Meanwhile, more of his people wish to silence him.
Tangent "Tangent" 412 September 15, 2000 Earth, Jupiter, P2C-257 Tok'ra N/A
Teal'c and Colonel Jack O'Neill test a Death Glider they acquired from Apophis in the past. However, the Glider has a life of its own, when a Recall device installed by Apophis sends the ship back to Chulak, which will take several hundred years at their current speed, and they only have a few days of oxygen.
The Curse "The Curse" 413 September 22, 2000 Earth Goa'uld Osiris
After Dr. Daniel Jackson learns that his old archaeology professor has died in an explosion, he soon suspects that it may not be an accident, and that one of the professor's colleagues is responsible for his death. Meanwhile, he finds out a shocking secret about the Ancient Egyptian artifacts they're studying.
The Serpents Venom "The Serpent's Venom" 414 September 29, 2000 Chulak, Earth, Tobin system Goa'uld, Jaffa, Tok'ra Apophis, Heru'ur, Terok
SG-1 and Selmak receive solid intel that Apophis and Heru'ur are forming an alliance to rule the galaxy. They plan to use one of the mines from the Tobin system to attack the fleet. Furthermore, Teal'c is captured by his old friend Rak'nor, and is imprisoned on board Heru'ur's vessel.
Chain Reaction "Chain Reaction" 415 December 13, 2000 Earth, Unnamed N/A Robert Kinsey, NID
Major General George S. Hammond is apparently forced to retire, and replaced by a Major General Henry Bauer. There is nothing SG-1 could do about it, since they will fight someone high up in government. However, Colonel Jack O'Neill enlists the help of Harold Maybourne to stop the NID, and Senator Robert Kinsey to return Hammond to his office.
2010 "2010" 416 January 3, 2001 Earth Aschen, Jaffa Aschen
In an alternate timeline version of the year 2010, the Stargate Program has been made public, and Earth has formed an alliance with the Aschen, who helped wipe out the Goa'uld and provided the people of Earth with numerous advanced technologies. Soon, Samantha Carter learns that she cannot conceive a child, and realizes the Aschen have something to do with it.
Absolute Power "Absolute Power" 417 January 10, 2001 Abydos, Earth Abydonian, Tok'ra N/A
The Harcesis, named Shifu, has been found on Abydos and taken to Earth by SG-1, where they ask him how to defeat the Goa'uld once and for all. However, Shifu instead shows Dr. Daniel Jackson a vision of what would happen if he gives him the power to defeat the Goa'uld.
The Light "The Light" 418 January 17, 2001 Earth, P4X-347 Loran's people N/A
After Lt. Dean Barber kills himself by running into the Stargate's unstable vortex and the rest of his team are mysteriously dying, SG-1 links the team's routine mission to P4X-347 to be responsible, as they find a highly beautiful, yet very addictive light.
Jennifer Hailey "Prodigy" 419 January 24, 2001 Earth, M4C-862 Small energy being Small energy beings
Cadet Jennifer Hailey gets Major Samantha Carter's attention after noticing her intelligence, which rivals Carter's. She decides to send her on a mission with an expedition team on M4C-862. There, the teams manage to anger a group of Small energy beings, which can literally pass through solid matter with fatal consequences for the teams.
Entity "Entity" 420 January 31, 2001 Earth, P9C-372 Entity Entity
An "entity" from P9C-372 invades the computer at Stargate Command through the MALP transmission. It starts controlling cameras and learning. When Major Samantha Carter starts communicating with it, it invades her and takes control of her.
Double Jeopardy "Double Jeopardy" 421 February 7, 2001 Earth, Juna Altairan, Goa'uld, Jaffa, People of Juna Cronus
SG-1 arrives on Juna, where they are captured by Cronus' forces, where Cronus himself doesn't take the reunion well. However, unknown to him, SG-1 is actually the robot copies from the real SG-1's encounter on Altair three years ago.
Exodus "Exodus (Part 1 of 3)" 422 February 14, 2001 Vorash Goa'uld, Jaffa, People of Paraval, Tok'ra Apophis, Tanith
SG-1 returns to Vorash in a Ha'tak vessel that once belonged to Cronus to help the Tok'ra move to a new planet. After learning Apophis and his fleet are coming to Vorash, Major Samantha Carter has a daring plan to send the planet's sun into a premature supernova, to defeat Apophis once and for all. However, Teal'c's need for revenge against Tanith could not only to be Teal'c's undoing but it could prove fatal for SG-1 as well.


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