Season two of Stargate SG-1 began airing on June 26, 1998 on Showtime. The second season concluded after 22 episodes on February 10, 1999 on British Sky One, which overtook Showtime in mid-season.

Broadcast Episodes

Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
The Serpent's Lair "The Serpent's Lair (Part 3 of 3)" 201 June 26, 1998 Earth Goa'uld, Jaffa Apophis, Klorel
The Ha'tak vessels arrive over Earth, and SG-1 is captured after killing Klorel. Fortunately, a small team of Jaffa led by Bra'tac is secretly stopping Apophis from taking over the Earth and rescues SG-1 for their assistance.
In the Line of Duty "In the Line of Duty" 202 July 3, 1998 Earth, Nasya Hankan, Nasyan, Tok'ra Edrekh
While on an evacuation mission, a symbiote takes Captain Samantha Carter as its host and makes its way to Earth in order to leave for another planet. However, the rest of the team finds out and arrests her. She tells the team that she is a member of the legendary Tok'ra and that an Ashrak (Goa'uld assassin) is sent to kill her, forcing the SG-1 team into a desperate race against time to find and stop the Ashrak before it's too late.
Prisoners "Prisoners" 203 July 10, 1998 Earth, Hadante, Rillaan Rillaanian Linea
By helping a panicked planet native, SG-1 get into trouble and are sent to a prison planet with no way of "gating out". Their chance of survival lies with an elderly woman, Linea, but Linea is not who she appears to be...
Gamekeeper "The Gamekeeper" 204 July 17, 1998 Earth, P7J-989 Volsinii The Keeper
On P7J-989, SG-1 is attached to virtual reality pods where Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson are replaying Jackson's parents' death and where Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c are replaying a past mission gone awry. The man behind it, the Keeper, is keeping the planet's inhabitants from leaving.
Need "Need" 205 July 24, 1998 Earth, Terella Terellan N/A
On a planet, SG-1 are captured and sent as slaves to work in the local mine. As Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter and Teal'c try to come up with a plan to escape, Dr. Daniel Jackson meets the alien princess who introduces him to the Sarcophagus which ends up having negative effects on his personality.
Thor's Chariot "Thor's Chariot" 206 July 31, 1998 Cimmeria, Earth Asgard, Cimmerian, Goa'uld, Jaffa Heru'ur
The Goa'uld Heru'ur has discovered that Cimmeria is no longer protected by Thor's Hammer, which SG-1 destroyed to save Teal'c, and is enslaving the natives. Their only hope is to somehow contact the mythical Thor and his people.
Message in a Bottle "Message in a Bottle" 207 August 7, 1998 Earth, P5C-353 A't'trr A't'trr
SG-1 explores the rather barren and moon-like P5C-353 and brings back a mysterious orb to study. After realizing it is a threat, Colonel Jack O'Neill attempts to throw it through the Stargate and return it to P5C-353. However it takes control of him to prevent this, and infects Stargate Command with a virus.
Family "Family" 208 August 14, 1998 Chulak, Earth Goa'uld, Jaffa Apophis, Fro'tak
Teal'c and SG-1 return to Chulak to rescue Rya'c who was taken by Apophis. Eventually they find him, but Teal'c notices that Rya'c has been brainwashed by Apophis who sends him to destroy the Tau'ri after he will arrive on Earth.
Secrets "Secrets" 209 August 21, 1998 Abydos, Earth Abydonian, Goa'uld Amaunet, Apophis, Heru'ur
A year elapses since Skaara and Sha're were kidnapped, and the Abydonians unbury the gate in the hopes of their return with Dr. Daniel Jackson. However he returns empty handed but finds that Sha're has returned by herself. She is pregnant and returned to Abydos to prevent Heru'ur from taking her child. She soon goes into labor. Meanwhile, Captain Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill go to Washington D.C. to receive a medal for stopping the attack a few months back but discover that a civilian has discovered the Stargate Program.
Bane "Bane" 210 September 25, 1998 Earth, Svoriin Infestation fly, Svoriin Infestation fly
On a mission, Teal'c is bitten by a bug which overwhelmed the planet's previous civilization. He soon falls ill and his symbiote can't heal him. To make matters worse, the NID takes him away to study the affects of the bite. However, he manages to escape and is on the loose. The race is on to find him, not only to find him first but to prevent a worldwide infestation.
The Tok'ra, Part 1 "The Tok'ra (Part 1 of 2)" 211 October 2, 1998 Earth, P34-353J Goa'uld, Tok'ra N/A
Captain Samantha Carter's visions of the former Jolinar of Malkshur lead her and SG-1 to a planet where several Tok'ra are hiding. They attempt to form an alliance which isn't going well. Meanwhile, Carter's father, Jacob Carter, is dying from his lymphoma.
The Tok'ra, Part 2 "The Tok'ra (Part 2 of 2)" 212 October 9, 1998 Earth, P34-353J Goa'uld, Tok'ra Cordesh, Goa'uld
SG-1's only hope for Jacob Carter to survive, and to ensure the Tau'ri/Tok'ra alliance a success, is for Jacob to undergo an implantation of the Tok'ra Selmak. Meanwhile, their base is exposed to the Goa'uld via an operative on the inside, putting everyone's lives in great danger.
Spirits "Spirits" 213 October 23, 1998 Earth, PXY-887 Salish, Spirits Spirits
The Tau'ri have discovered Trinium, a superlight yet superstrong element, that could prove useful. However, SG-11 is MIA on the planet on which Trinium is found and are captured by the planet's "Spirits". When the Spirits attack Stargate Command, it now falls to Dr. Daniel Jackson to try and defuse the situation or risk the Spirits destroying Earth.
Touchstone (episode) "Touchstone" 214 October 30, 1998 Earth, Madrona Madronan NID
While attempting to study the Touchstone on Madrona, SG-1 discover it is missing. The Madronans blame the Tau'ri since people in SG uniform took it earlier. Soon after noticing strange weather on Earth, SG-1 comes to the conclusion that the NID is launching secret offworld missions by using Earth's second Stargate from Antarctica stored in Area 51. SG-1 launch a mission to find the Touchstone before Madrona is destroyed.
A Matter of Time "A Matter of Time" 215 December 9, 1998 Earth, P3W-451 N/A Black Hole
SG-10 is trapped on a planet that falls victim to a newly formed black hole. While gating to retrieve them, the gate cannot shut down, and the effects of the black hole are being translated into Stargate Command by the Stargate. The distortion could put Earth at jeopardy at being sucked into the black hole through the Stargate.
The Fifth Race "The Fifth Race" 216 December 16, 1998 Earth, Othala, P3R-272, P9Q-281 Asgard N/A
Colonel Jack O'Neill accidentally encounters a machine which downloads an entire Ancient database into his mind, and causes his brain activity to increase. He begins to be unable to speak English but only in a completely new language, Ancient. There is nothing the team can do to prevent the transformation, so O'Neill is forced to go his own way to save himself.
Serpent's Song "Serpent's Song" 217 January 6, 1999 Earth, PB5-926 Goa'uld, Tok'ra Apophis, Sokar
While trying to find the Tok'ra, SG-1 witnesses the crash of a Death Glider piloted by their sworn enemy, Apophis. After demanding sanctuary from the Tau'ri, they take him back to Earth. Due to his injuries as well as the pain and suffering he caused others, the team finds it difficult to save his life. Worse, an enemy named Sokar demands Apophis from them. With Stargate Command under threat, SG-1 must give into Sokar's demands or face destruction.
Holiday "Holiday" 218 January 13, 1999 Earth, Tonnem Dendredan N/A
SG-1 finds an aged and dying warrior named Ma'chello whose room is filled with technology that can devastate the Goa'uld. Ma'chello's last chance of survival was to switch bodies with Dr. Daniel Jackson. The rest of the team doesn't notice until Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c also switch bodies. Now they must capture Ma'chello to switch them all back before Jackson (as Ma'chello) dies.
One False Step "One False Step" 219 January 20, 1999 Earth, PJ2-445 Pod people N/A
SG-1's efforts to communicate with some strange inhabitants causes an outbreak of illness. They soon discover an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle crashed into one of the planet's plants, which hurts and upsets it, spreading the illness to the natives.
Show and Tell "Show and Tell" 220 January 27, 1999 Earth, P6J-813 Reetou, Tok'ra Reetou Rebels
A genetically engineered young boy is brought to Earth and warns Colonel Jack O'Neill that a rebel group of invisible creatures known as the Reetou plan to wipe out all humans in order to defeat the Goa'uld. Unknown to SG-1 there are five Reetou rebels also hiding in Stargate Command. When the Reetou make their presence known, SG-1 and Jacob Carter must find and stop them before the Reetou Rebels escape to cause havoc on Earth.
1969 "1969" 221 February 3, 1999 Earth N/A N/A
A freak accident involving a solar flare and the Stargate causes SG-1 to gate to the Earth in 1969. While trying to figure out a way back, the team is mistaken for Soviet spies and are being transferred to another facility. However, young Lt. George S. Hammond comes to render assistance so that SG-1 can return to their own time.
Out of Mind "Out of Mind (Part 1 of 2)" 222 February 10, 1999 Earth, Eskal Goa'uld, Jaffa Hathor
Colonel Jack O'Neill is awakened from stasis in Stargate Command but finds out he is in the year 2077 and that the rest of his team, and everyone he knew, died. However, he has suspicions that the "SGC personnel" is hiding something from him, which he later finds out is a planned Goa'uld invasion of the SGC and Earth.


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  • Nominated Saturn Award for "Best Genre Cable/Syndicated Series"
  • Nominated Gemini for "Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series" (Daria Ellerman)



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