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SG-1's Tel'tak was a Tel'tak stolen by SG-1 from Asdad to rescue SG-10.


After stealing the plans for an anti-gravity shield device of the Ancients that Ba'al had somehow gotten his hands on but left on Kinahhi, SG-1 traveled to his ruined fortress Asdad and stole the original power source of his device and stole this Tel'tak. Under attack, Teal'c was able to destroy a pursuing Death Glider by using the ship's ring transporter to yank out the pilot and rescued the rest of SG-1 from falling to their deaths in the collapsing building. Needing a ship for their plan to rescue SG-10 from P3W-451 which was falling into a black hole, SG-1 set course for P3W-451 in the Tel'tak, a three day journey from Ba'al's fortress. (SG1: "A Matter of Honor")

By the time the ship arrived at the planet, Carter was able to integrate the shield into the ship's systems and they approached the planet unharmed. However, due to the sabotaged plans that Colonel Jack O'Neill was given by the Kinahhi, the wiring in the shield device burnt out and the Tel'tak crashed on P3W-451 near the Stargate, no longer protected from the time dilation effects of the black hole. SG-10, spotting the ship crash, tried to take over the ship only to find SG-1. Lt. Jonathan Reed, SG-10's team engineer, determined that while the hull took superficial damage in the crash, the ship could still fly and wasn't significantly damaged.

Major Samantha Carter was able to determine that she could use the wiring from a MALP to temporarily fix the Tel'tak's gravity shield, but stellar matter from Vorash's sun arrived through the Stargate, incinerating Reed and forcing SG-1 and 10 to flee in the the ship before the shield could be fixed. Just in time, Carter was able to get the shield working and Teal'c took the ship to hyperspace. However, the strain was too much for the ship and when it exited hyperspace above P3X-500, the nearest planet to P3W-451 with a Stargate, the shield burned out and the engines stalled. The team was able to restart them in time to avert a crash and landed safely on the planet, abandoning the Tel'tak in favor of using the Stargate to go home. There they discovered that while it had seemed like only a few days to them since they left, due to the Tel'tak's shield failing, it had actually been five months.

A week later, needing to travel to Kinahhi to rescue Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c returned to P3X-500 to use the Tel'tak. Despite the damage the ship had sustained, it was still flightworthy and was able to make a six-hour trip to Kinahhi where it was landed on the floating city of Tsapan and was left under its cloak. However, due to all it had already been through, the Tel'tak only had power for a few hours for the cloak before it couldn't leave the planet.

After rescuing O'Neill, he, Teal'c and Jackson returned to the ship as its cloak failed and tried to flee the planet, getting the cloak up again as they were being chased. However, they had taken too long and the ship ran out of power and crashed into the Mibsaw Sea. Before the crash, O'Neill, Teal'c and Jackson managed to flee the ship in escape pods, stranding them on the planet as the only other means of interstellar travel there was the Stargate. (SG1: "The Cost of Honor")