Russel Chapman is the British representative with the International Oversight Advisory.



He joined Jean LaPierre, Richard Woolsey and Shen Xiaoyi in a tour of the Gamma Site. After a carnivorous species of insect called R-75 escaped, Woolsey demanded that SG-1 escort the IOA members to the Gamma Site research station until Colonel Stewart Pearson and his men dealt with the situation. When it was clear that the Gamma Site had fallen and the bugs were chasing them, they headed for a nearby cave. After a night in the cave, they headed for the research station to get a signal to the Odyssey to inform them they were still alive. They were beamed aboard just as the bugs were about to overrun the research station. (SG1: "The Scourge")

When a pair of Wraith Hive ships discovered the location of Earth and means to reach it, he was among the delegation that debriefed Dr. Elizabeth Weir on her actions leading up to the predicament. (SGA: "No Man's Land")

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