This planet has no known canonical name.  While the information presented in this article is canonical, the planet described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

This unnamed planet was seeded with a Stargate and later dialed by Destiny. For unknown reasons, the jump countdown was set around 6 hours.

Lt. Matthew Scott, Chloe Armstrong, Eli Wallace and MSgt. Ronald Greer discovered the abandoned ruins of a city. Although these ruins appeared to be low-tech, Chloe speculated that some advanced technology might be found in the tunnels, similar to some Milky Way and Pegasus cultures.

While exploring the ancient labyrinth, Greer shot a giant spider and caused the tunnel leading to the surface to collapse. In an attempt to speed up the process of extraction, a rescue team led by Lt. Vanessa James inadvertently made the situation worse by setting off C-4 to create a hole in the tunnel roof through which the trapped team might escape. This caused more of the tunnel to collapse, adding more debris between the trapped team and escape. The rescue team was forced to return to Destiny, leaving the archaeological team unable to return to the ship before the countdown expired and the ship jumped into FTL. (SGU: "Human")

Following Destiny's departure, Scott's team wandered the tunnels aimlessly until Chloe deciphered a map carved into the tunnel walls at intersections. However, while confirming her deductions by checking another map, Greer was caught in a cave-in. Presuming him dead and unable to dig him out, Scott left with Eli and Chloe, using the gates in an attempt to get back to Destiny. Greer, having survived the cave-in, dug himself out and waited by the gate for rescue, eventually being found by a team led by James, who had backtracked through the network to retrieve the team. (SGU: "Lost")

Behind the scenesEdit

The ruins on the planet is similar to buildings like the Romans built in ancient Rome.


  1. The address is out of order as the dialing sequence is not seen. The final glyph is also obscured from view, so only five glyphs are known.
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