"My dear Colonel, if we can agree on anything it's that your lost submarine is merely the latest in a long list of extremely unlikely events the Americans have attempted to foist upon us as "the truth.""
―A British ambassador, speaking to Col. Chekov, questioning the story of the Rostov's supposed destruction[src]

The Rostov was a Russian submarine that was used to cover up the self-destruction of a Ha'tak-class mothership of Anubis after it crashed into the Pacific Ocean on Earth. (SG1: "Descent")

History[edit | edit source]

The means that caused the explosion in the Pacific, however, was covered up by the Russian and United States government, which claimed it to be due to a meteor impact that the sub was supposedly less than seventy-five kilometers from at the time. The shockwave caused severe damage and the Rostov sank to the bottom. The Rostov's reactor went critical before a deep submergence rescue vehicle, sent from Pearl Harbor, could render assistance. (SG1: "Disclosure")

However, this story was largely believed to be false by the governments of several other nations, including China, due largely to the fact that, on the day in question, the submarine was taking on supplies in the harbor at Vladivostok. The submarine's true fate was revealed in 2003 to the major powers of Earth when the Stargate Program's existence was made known to them. (SG1: "Disclosure")

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