Rophiapgisy was a Human who was recruited by Apophis to train as a part of SG-X in order to infiltrate Stargate Command, taking the Earth name of Captain Kyle Rogers. He was the Quadrant 'A' Commander of SG-X.



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When SG-1 came to Apophis' training planet in 1999, he shot them with an Intar and took them prisoner. When Teal'c realised that they were in service to the recently defeated Apophis, he ordered them to use their vo'cume projector and pretended to be sent by Apophis. He ordered them to stop training but they refused. He was then wounded by Teal'c's staff weapon and taken to Earth. Once there, he realised that SG-1 was not sent by Apophis and refused to cooperate with Rophiapgisy telling them that SG-11 were all dead. Colonel Jack O'Neill showed him video footage of Apophis' death and he accepted the truth. He returned to the planet with SG-1 to stop the final engagement and helped reprogram the vo'cume projector to show the rest of his men the footage of Apophis' death. (SG1: "Rules of Engagement")

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