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|home planet=[[Earth]]
|home planet=[[Earth]]
|rank= Master Sergeant
|rank= Master Sergeant
|allegiances=[[United States Marine Corps]]
|allegiances=[[United States Marine Corps]]

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"You think, just because you were born poor, that it gives you right to be angry at the world. How pathetic."
Nicolas Rush

Ronald Greer is a strong, silent Marine who has a mysterious and checkered past which he has created a hard shell around. He was born poor, and Rush said that Greer would probably be in jail if it hadn't been for the Marines. At the age of 20, he became part of the team that was stranded upon the Destiny. He is very much a military man who has trouble trusting people who are not part of the service; civilians like Dr. Rush. Surprisingly, the only civilian that Greer seems to trust in any capacity is gamer/nerd Eli Wallace. He has anger issues, but he does care about others aboard the ship, Also he is skilled and calm during a fight and believes he can only count on other soldiers during combat. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Air, Part 2", "Air, Part 3", "Time", "Justice") He's impulsive in trying new foods, claiming while they may not be great tasting it will keep them alive. His sense of humor is unusual but helpful in mediating disputes. (SGU: "Justice", "Faith")


Early life

Due to some traumatic event when he was young, Greer now suffers from claustrophobia. His father, who fought in Desert Storm, would beat him as a child. Little is known about Greer's life before his voyage to Destiny. He was born to Angela Greer and Reginald Greer. His father was a Gulf War veteran. (SGU: "Lost") Nicholas Rush said that Greer wasn't the man he approved to be at Icarus Base. Rush also believed that if Greer hadn't joined the military, he would have ended up in prison, or "worse". (SGU: "Air, Part 3")


Ronald Greer was detained in a holding cell for assaulting Colonel Telford at the time of the attack on Icarus by three Ha'taks under the Lucian Alliance), until he was released by Colonel Everett Young during evacuation procedures. He was the second to last man to evacuate to the Destiny, before Young. Upon arriving, he and the rest of the new crew learned the life support was failing. Doctor Rush thought he had found a solution, but upon hearing Eli Wallace's protest, who thought that Rush's solution could destroy the ship, Greer raised his weapon towards Rush and told him to stop. However, he was ordered to back down by Lt. Scott; the ship did not explode, but nothing responded. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

He later had a confrontation with IOA representative Camile Wray, who believed he still ought to be detained. Some time later, he and Jeremy Franklin tried to repair a door that would not close, as it was giving access to a compromised shuttle. Knowing it could only be closed from the inside, he allowed Senator Alan Armstrong to enter the shuttle and closing the door manually, effectively killing him. The Destiny soon arrived near a desert planet, which housed a mineral capable to repair the air scrubbers. Greer was sent on the team to go to the planet. (SGU: "Air, Part 2")

He wasn't chosen to board shuttle when Destiny set its course into the star. However, he remained loyal to Colonel Everett Young and knocked down Spencer, who refused to accept his fate. (SGU: "Light")

He had sexual relationship with Dr. Lisa Park (SGU: "Life")

During crisis aboard Destiny caused by sergeant Spencer suspicious death, he suggested to use force and restore colonel Young's authority. This idea was turned down by Young himself (SGU: "Justice")

Alternate Reality


Greer wears the insignia of a Marine Master Sergeant, yet all characters address him as plain "sergeant". Enlisted Marines are always addressed by their full rank with few exceptions. Thus Greer would be called "Master Sergeant Greer" not Sergeant Greer.

Behind the scenes

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His working name was Ron "Psycho" Stasiak[1], but was changed in January 2009 to Ronald Greer.[2]

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