"I'm an I.T. tech, you know. I fix Earth computers, not Ancient communication devices."

Robert Caine is a Tau'ri scientist, who was assigned to the Icarus Base in 2009.


Background information[]

Not much has been disclosed so far about his life before 2009. According to Lt. Vanessa James, he is widowed. In the Icarus project he seemed to have worked as a computer technician. (SGU: "Space")


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He and roughly 80 people were forced to evacuate Icarus Base during an attack against the base by three Lucian Alliance Ha'tak vessels. He ended up on the Destiny, an Ancient spaceship located several billion light years from Earth. Since moving in, he regretted bringing his only pair shoes with him, though fellow scientist Dr. Dale Volker thought they were nice shoes. (SGU: "Air, Part 1", "Justice")

He was sent to a Gravel pit planet with Lt. Vanessa James, Dr. Dale Volker and Airman Rennie, where they discovered a crashed alien spacecraft sometime after believing the exploration of the planet may have been a waste of time. (SGU: "Justice")

He was later assigned to the Communication lab; he filled in for Sgt. Hunter Riley, who was injured weeks earlier. Caine filled in for him until Riley fully recovered. He overheard Lt. Vanessa James' infatuation for him by accident (James mentioning that he was particularly appealing due to his status as a widower, as it showed that he was capable of forming a deep relationship with another that had ended through no fault of his own). Later, after the expedition's first Nakai encounter, he was approached by Lt. Tamara Johansen concerning whether or not Caine would pursue a relationship with James. Caine said he wouldn't, since it could become awkward between the two if it were to fail. However, he did point out that if they are to be on Destiny for a long time, he will change his mind. (SGU: "Space")

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As a part of group sent to the planet Eden, he started to believe that they should stay there. He refused to return, as did several others. In exchange for the damaged Ancient shuttle, he was left there with a small group of civilians once the military personnel returned with Colonel Everett Young. (SGU: "Faith")

Some time later, Lt. Tamara Johansen saw him in a dream. He told her that the Planet builders took care of him and other stranded people and gave them homes to survive winter. He also showed her odd stellar object appeared in the sky. Eventually the obelisk builders sent TJ back, but let her baby stay on Eden where Caine and the others would take care of them. TJ at first wasn't sure if it was real, but after seeing the object, apparently a nebula where Destiny next stopped, she seemed to come to believe she really did see him. (SGU: "Intervention")

Several months after Dr. Nicholas Rush unlocked the bridge and the loss of the functional Ancient shuttle, Caine and the group that remained on the planet appeared to Destiny after they exited FTL. While he and the group couldn't remember what happened, the shuttle was found to be in better than new condition. Eventually, those in the group began to die. It was realized that they had already died before and that the Planet builders had reanimated them somehow. Caine was the last person alive of the group and spent his final hours with TJ, speculating that the group were dying because the builders had only been able to restore their bodies rather than their souls. (SGU: "Visitation")


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Caine is a soft spoken and patient, albeit somewhat aloof, individual who treats everyone he encounters kindly. When Lt. Vanessa James inadvertently expresses her infatuation with him because he's a widower near the open microphone of a Kino feed, he calmly informs her that he can hear her, and then offers to forget the whole situation to spare her more embarrassment. When Lt. Tamara Johansen later probes to see if he would be interested in James, he responds that he thinks it would be wiser to avoid romance on the ship because of the awkwardness that could come if it fails. However, he admitted he could change his mind in the future. (SGU: "Space")

When the expedition encounters Eden, the events inspire him to reconnect with a deep sense of faith. When the crew determines the star system shouldn't exist and that given the age of the system the planet shouldn't be as developed as it is, Caine concludes that the encounter is providential. He expresses his belief in somewhat ambiguous terms when pleading his case for some of the Destiny crew to remain behind, and holds on to those beliefs despite mocking and ridicule from Morrison, and later Rush. (SGU: "Faith", "Visitation")

Prior to encountering Eden he explains having essentially lost touch with his faith, perhaps embracing a more agnostic or atheistic worldview, but the experience rekindled his beliefs. He seems to have a faith rooted in a Christian understanding of the cosmos. When inquiring about Rush's discovery of Destiny's mission and the signal embedded in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, he remarks that it's a "message from the beginning of creation". (SGU: "Visitation")

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