The Ritual of life is a Nox practice capable of healing and/or resurrection so long as the tiniest amount of molecular activity as well as bio-electrical energy remains within the body.



The Ritual of Life.

In the process, an injured, or dead individual, be it another Nox, human, Jaffa, et cetera, is placed amongst a multitude of flowering plant life. A Nox group, composed of at least three people, will cross their arms and, using various gestures, disappear to begin the healing process of the injured. During this time there is a brief period where they become vulnerable and any other actions that take place around them fall unaware of the distracted healers. Moments later, the injured individual is restored to full health, and the Nox reappear.


The Nox used this ability to resurrect SG-1 after they were killed in battle against Apophis. They later used this same ability to resurrect Lya after she was killed by one of Apophis's Jaffa, as well as Nafrayu when he was killed by Apophis. (SG1: "The Nox")

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