"This device was procured from Jaffa formerly loyal to Anubis. It should allow us access to the base."

The ring remote was a device of Goa'uld design and typically given to their Jaffa servants.


These remotes were a gauntlet styled device that was placed over the hand. A single circular button was present on the top and when pressed, it sent a signal to a nearby transportation rings which activated. This allowed hidden ring platforms or those fixed to high surfaces to activate and allows for transport. (Stargate)

Kara keshes contained their own ring remotes allowing the Goa'uld using them to activate nearby Transportation rings. (SG1: "The Curse")


These remotes were first encountered by the Tau'ri during the initial exploration of Abydos when the expedition from Earth encountered the servants of the Goa'uld Ra. His First Prime Anubis made use of the remote to transport between the starship and the central pyramid. Jack O'Neill activated the remote during a struggle with the Jackal headed guard sending the Transportation rings onto Ra's First Prime thus killing him as his head was severed. This was later used to send a nuclear warhead to Ra's ship in order to destroy it and kill Ra. (Stargate)

On Earth, the Goa'uld Seth had a ring remote present amongst his servants which he used to allow them access to the underground tunnels beneath his temple complex. (SG1: " Seth", "Zero Hour")

Jonas Quinn managed to snatch a ring remote from a Jaffa guard in the service of Anubis and used it to activate the Transportation rings allowing him and Daniel Jackson to infiltrate Anubis' mothership. (SG1: "Fallen", "Homecoming")