Riley was a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force. A member of the Atlantis expedition, that worked in the quartermaster’s stores.

Biography Edit

During the Battle of Atlantis, Riley put down two Wraith warriors by himself. Unfortunately a year later the unlucky soldier had been caught in the nimbus of an Ancient plasma generator, which had shorted out explosively during a venture into the city's lower levels turning him into a cloud of atoms. While Doctor Elizabeth Weir was signing his death certificate she noticed that during Riley’s tour of Atlantis that he had never took part in any hazardous off world excursion. It seemed that every time Riley's name came up on off world rotation, someone swapped duties with him, or he was otherwise excused. She brought this to the attention to Lt. Colonel John Sheppard who admitted the reassignments were small favors to the Master Sergeant. Riley personal gear allocation was eleven “high-density data storage devices, capable of storing thousands of hours of video. On record they were said to contain instructional films. In fact Riley was running a video library for the crew aboard Atlantis. John knowing Riley bent the rules a bit turned a blind eye as Riley provided a source of entertainment and was good for morale. Weir decided not to punish Sheppard though noted Riley’s equipment was not among the effects that were being shipped back aboard the Daedalus and assumed someone had appropriated them.(SGA: "Halcyon")

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