Doctor Richard Poole was a scientist that lived on Earth and worked for Stanton Research, a division of Devlin Medical Technologies.



He was commissioned for research on Project Archetype, a study on the Nanite technology acquired by the government from alien sources. During the course of the project, his research assistant, Ava Dixon, was killed in a car accident. Using the knowledge he gained from the project, he created a female Human-form Replicator with her appearance and to serve as his assistant.

He would later on create a military based male unit for sale to unknown individuals. However, after Henry Wallace was killed, the resulting International Oversight Advisory investigation began to slowly locate Dr. Poole. He attempted to hide his illegal research by terminating the Replicator unit he created but the male model, seeing its life threatened, went into defensive mode and escaped. Poole would spend three weeks in a fruitless search of the escaped unit but failed to locate it.

Unknown to Poole, the Replicator Ava Dixon approached Lt. Colonel John Sheppard of the Atlantis expedition in an effort to ask for his help to locate the Replicator. Poole's laboratory was raided and his encrypted files were confiscated. Poole was not willing to aid the IOA as he felt that he would be sent to prison, however, after Sheppard made an indirect threat towards Ava Dixon, the doctor decided to help them.

They would locate the rogue Replicator unit but Poole betrayed his colleagues by knocking Bates unconscious and attempted to convince the Replicator unit to surrender. However, seeing its life threatened, the unit attacked Poole and killed him. (SGA: "Outcast")

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