Riallo Ger-Shian is a male Gallician from planet Gallicia. He is the leader of the ruling family in the city, the Temple of Heat has Riallo have control events with a subtle but iron fist over the past 30 years. As a judge he oversees dispensation of justice and are quite concerned that the peace is kept and questions to the temple is preserved. A former soldier and famous warrior, he is responsible for hiring the guard, sentencing offenders interprets the law and "propose" new rules for the city's mainstream. He makes a point of meeting pilgrims who come in with the seasonal caravans and invites selected photos to their home both to defuse potential problems and to carefully ask bribes from visitors wishing to gain entrance to the temple. He is considered to be a fair criminal judge, but a biased judge in civil cases relating to his family and their position.

Ger-Shian clan has several priests in place in the Temple of Juhsuld like Temple of the Stars in Canaseva. Riallo's nephew is captain of the city watch, his cousin is Guardian of the Gates and several of the city administrator is also close relatives. When Riallo speaks they listen and usually obey. Officially Juhsuld have a mayor, Riallos brother Tomaso in power, but in reality determines Riallo policy. If he believes that the state is necessary as he has in the past crises since Tomaso will explain it. Pious devoted to his family and a nice man when not crossed the Ger-Shian a terrifying enemy when his anger is aroused. Would he think that the members of the SGC has committed a crime in his town, he will not pause for political considerations, but ordered his troops to pursue Tauri agents with lethal force. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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