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"Reunion" is the third episode of the fourth season of Stargate: Atlantis.


Ronon Dex reunites with his long-thought dead Satedan friends, who want help in breaking into a Wraith laboratory. However, a torn Ronon is soon pushed by his friends to abandon the Atlantis expedition and join them, but there is something more than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Colonel Samantha Carter is appointed the new leader of the expedition.



Teyla fights off her assailants in a tavern, not knowing them as Satedans.

At a small village on some forested planet, Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex enter the village, where they are greeted by a local, who believes that Teyla is the woman he arranged to marry. Teyla tells him that she has not come for him. Instead, they are looking for a group of travelers who came to the village, which Ronon believes is a group of Satedans. The villager tells them that they're usually in the local inn, or the tavern. While Ronon checks the inn, Teyla checks the tavern, where she asks the bartender about the group of travelers boasting many Wraith kills. There, a man approaches her and warns her to keep the information to her self. After he insults her, Teyla tries to fight him, where the man is given help by his two friends, who overpower her. Just as they threatened to take off her eyes or ears, Ronon approaches them with his Particle magnum trained on them. However, just as they turn around, Ronon easily recognizes them, as his Satedan friends, Ara, Rakai and Tyre and embraces on a joyful reunion.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Dr. Rodney McKay approaches Dr. Radek Zelenka concerning their new leader the International Oversight Advisory will appoint, despite no announcements yet. He tells Zelenka that the leader is their foremost expert in Ancient technology and Replicator activity, which McKay assumes means him being the new leader. He then meets up with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, who is talking about the situation of the Asuran-Tau'ri-Wraith war to Colonel Samantha Carter, who is in Stargate Command. When McKay talks to Carter, he soon realizes that it is her, not McKay who is going to be the new leader of Atlantis.

Back at the Tavern, the Satedans and Teyla starts drinking and conversing about what happened to them. Ronon believed they were dead, since he saw several Wraith Darts approaching them on a botched operation. They explain that they were hiding in a network of caves, but soon collapsed and were sealed in. After they dug their way out, they saw an infantry of Wraith preparing to attack Sateda. By the time they arrived, the city was left in ruins and were forced to move around, where they spent most of their time eating, drinking, and killing several Wraith. They also heard of Ronon's time as a runner. They then toast the reunion.


Teal'c says farewell to Carter.

In Stargate Command, Carter packs up for Atlantis, where Teal'c comes in the room and gives her a farewell. Carter admits that she is looking forward to it, but can't help but miss SG-1. Teal'c assures her that her team will come to visit one day, and that it is not goodbye forever. The two embrace before Carter walks to the Embarkation Room. In Atlantis, the expedition all await Carter's arrival, while McKay holds a basket full of fruit from the planets they traded with. Sheppard thought this was "lame" and tells him to get some flowers instead. He hands another man the fruit basket and tells him to get rid of it. The Stargate activates, revealing Carter. She gives off a speech, telling the team of her looking forward to working with them all, before going to her new quarters.

Back on the planet, the Satedans talk some more. They tell him that they were five of them in the caves. Over the years, Marika and Hemi, the other Satedans were killed during battles against the Wraith. They admit that living on the run is not without its casualties. Ronon then attempts to tell them about the help he could provide, only to be stopped by Teyla, who then toast to Marika and Hemi.

In her quarters, McKay comes in with a bunch of flowers, when he notices the fruit basket, which Carter says was given to her by Sheppard, meaning he had cheated McKay. He does however come and welcome her, and abruptly mentions that he is seeing someone. He mentions this since the fact that they will both work together more often. As they converse more, Ronon breaks up the conversation, and wonders if Carter is the new woman in charge. He wants his friends to come to Atlantis, and wants Carter to clear them for entry. Unfortunately, since the planet is on a new location, more safety protocols have been put in place to keep Atlantis' location a secret, despite Ronon's assurances that they won't talk. But after learning that she is not going to let his friends join, Ronon gives her an intimidating look before leaving.


Tyre attempts to get Ronon to join them and leave Atlantis.

Ronon spreads the bad news to Tyre, who knows of Atlantis, but intends to keep the fact he was working with them a secret. He then tells Ronon to join them, and persuades him that the Atlantis expedition are merely their allies, not friends, no matter if they caused more damage to the Wraith than anybody else. This leaves Ronon torn on what he is to do next; leave his friends, or Atlantis. He returns to Atlantis to have sparring session with Teyla, who senses his unease. He tells her that he is thinking of leaving Atlantis. Teyla tells him that she has been in his position when she left her people, but realized that she can do more for them with Atlantis to hurt the Wraith more than anyone could.

Meanwhile, Sheppard confronts Carter about his proposed plan to rescue Dr. Elizabeth Weir from Asuras. She denies it, since they were lucky the first time they infiltrated the Asurans, but without the advantage, going back would be suicide. She tells him that she will consider the plan when he will come up with one that will have a slight chance of even succeeding. He then joins Ronon in the mess hall and hears of Ronon's decision to leave. There, Ronon informs him that the Satedans have an operation, that will require Sheppard's help.

Both teams meet on the planet and Sheppard is made aware of a proposed strike of a Wraith weapons research facility. The only thing the Satedans need is a Puddle Jumper to insert them into the facility undetected and extract them. However, Sheppard declines, since the Wraith are being attacked, but soon changes his mind when they are told that the Wraith are working on a way to de-activate the Wraith attack code. When they plan to leave, Ronon tells Sheppard that he has made his choice; he is going to leave Atlantis. Upon hearing the news, Carter comes into Ronon's quarters, where he is packing. She attempts to convince him to stay, but Ronon still stays with his choice. This forces Carter to stop, and even arrest Ronon, if he does leave after the operation.


Sheppard holds off the Wraith.

Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, and Ronon accompany the Satedans to the facility. After taking out some of the Wraith and making its way to one of the levels, Sheppard's team and the Satedans split up, with Ronon staying with the Satedans, and wishing them luck. However, they are soon ambushed by Wraith. Ronon hears the FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon fire from a distance and runs towards Sheppard's team, despite the Satedans' attempt to stop him. Ronon runs and shoots several Wraith. Sheppard's team attempts to break into a room. However, Teyla and Sheppard gets stunned, but McKay was able to hide in an empty cocoon. He then meets the Satedans, and is grateful to see him. However, Rakai raises his stunner and shoots him with it. So it is revealed that the Satedans are actually working for the Wraith. The Wraith Commander brings Sheppard's team to a holding cell. When they regain consciousness, McKay tells the rest that the Satedans are actually working for the Wraith. The Commander makes another appearance and takes McKay away.

Meanwhile, Ronon returns to Atlantis and explains about the ambush. Carter agrees on setting up a rescue and recovery operation on getting the teams back. She plans on sending two Jumpers to the location, and then mentions that she will now respect Ronon's decision and both agree to make the most of their one and only operation together.


Back at the research facility, the Commander reveals that the Wraith actually shut down the Replicators' attack code 10,000 years ago after defeating the Ancients, after they discovered the attacking Replicators weren't people, so they let them thrive on their planet. Now that McKay reactivated the code, the Wraith tells him that their war against the Replicators is going badly. They attempted to upload the deactivation code, but their virus is no longer effective. They bring McKay to a captured Replicator and force him to find a way to reprogram the Replicators so that they would no longer be aggressive to the Wraith.

Carter's team uses one of the Jumpers to lure the Wraith Darts out, leaving her Jumper easy access, where they ambush the Wraith and shut down the facilities' main power. During the fighting, they rescue Sheppard and Teyla. When they reach the room McKay is being held in, the Replicator breaks free from his prison. The team attempts to shoot it with lots of firepower, but the bullets simply cause no effect on it. However, the Replicator is not targeting the humans, instead he follows his programming and begins to kill all of the Wraith in the facility with ease.

Meanwhile, Ronon runs into the Satedans and discovers that they are working for the Wraith. They explain that they were captured and repeatedly tortured and brainwashed, by being fed on by the wraith until they were at the brink of death, and then given their lives back. They went through this several times until they swore allegiance to the Wraith. They want Ronon to join them. Angry, Ronon urges them to leave before he kills them, saying "You are not Satedans". They refuse to leave and Ronon engages the Satedans in brutal hand to hand combat.


Ronon fights his former-friend.

After knocking out Ara and Rakai, he went for Tyre, who is better at fighting. Rakai suddenly gets up and takes out a knife. Ara says no weapons, so Rakai slits her throat and she dies. Ronon directs his attention to Rakai. He manages to break his arm and takes his knife and had no choice but to jam it into Rakai's chest, killing him. Ronon, visibly upset turns his back on Tyre, saying "Has there been enough killing?". Tyre then decides to walk away. After the battle, Ronon acknowledges the Atlantis team as his true friends, and decides to stay on Atlantis.


Ancient; Asuran; Asuran-Tau'ri-Wraith war; Asuras; Athosian; Atlantis; Atlantis infirmary; Base code; Bra'tac; Christmas; Chulak; Flowers; FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon; Fruit; Gift of Life; Kate Heightmeyer's office; Hemi; Horse; Indeed; Inn; International Oversight Advisory; Marika; Marriage; Particle magnum; Planet (Reunion); Puddle Jumper; Runner; Sateda; Satedan; Satedan military museum; Satedan Planetary Forces; SG-1; Sparring; Stargate Command; Tavern; Vetariss; Elizabeth Weir; World (Reunion); Wraith; Wraith beaming device; Wraith Dart; Wraith handblaster; Wraith laboratory; Wraith transporter; Wraith weapons research facility; Wraith worshipper

Notable Quotes

(Teyla and Ronon enter a village, where they are met by a man, keeping an eye on Teyla.)
Villager: Praise the gods you have finally arrived. And you are far more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.
Ronon: Excuse me?
Villager: You have not come for the arranged marriage?
Teyla: No.
Villager: Oh. Would you perhaps be seeking a husband?
Teyla: No.
Villager: (Disappointed) Oh. Then what brings you to our town?
Teyla: We've heard of strangers who recently arrived, a rough-looking group boasting of many Wraith kills.
Ronon: Yeah, we think they might be Satedan.
Villager: Ah, yes. You mean the three loud-mouthed drunkards who spend their days carousing at the tavern.
Ronon: Sounds like my people.
Villager: They've taken rooms at the local inn.
Teyla: Thank you.
Villager: You are most welcome. And should you ever reconsider your desire for a husband... (Ronon charges towards him, scaring him off)

(McKay steps into the control room, thinking he is the new boss of Atlantis. He sees Carter in a video conference from the SGC, not knowing she is to be the new boss.)
McKay: Sam! Uh, what's new?
Sheppard: Just making preparations for the change in command.
McKay: You don't have to tell me. I already know.
Carter: Really?
McKay: I just wanna say that I think the IOA could not have made a better choice.
Carter: Thanks, Rodney!
McKay: No no no, you are too kind (realises something) What? Uh, "thank you, Rodney." No no no, wait a minute. You mean that...
Sheppard: Yeah. She's our new boss.

McKay: Nice speech.
Carter: Thank you, I also do weddings and award shows. Book early to avoid disappointment.

McKay: Look, I just came by to welcome you to Atlantis, see how you're settling in and, you know, if you needed anything, and, did I mention I was seeing someone?
Carter: I'm sorry, what?
McKay: I'm seeing someone. Yes, I only bring it up now because you're here now and we'll be working together a lot more and, you know, I just thought with our past.
Carter: Our past?
McKay: Well, you know, the unrequited lust that's been hanging over our heads for what seems like forever.
Carter: Rodney...
McKay: I just don't want things to be awkward between the two of us, you know, uh, kind of like they are now.

(Sheppard's team is under fire from the Wraith, while McKay attempts to break into a lab)
Sheppard: Rodney, get that door open!
McKay: (presses buttons on the wall panel but can't open the doors) Ah, to hell with it! (Fires several rounds at it, but nothing opens) Oh, come on! It worked for him! (Referring to Ronon, who shot a panel earlier, which succeeded in opening a door)


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  • Whilst Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex are conversing in the Atlantis gym, The position of the teeth on Ronon's necklace changes from together, to apart, and then back again.

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