"Resurrection" is the nineteenth episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 minus Colonel Jack O'Neill are in Los Angeles where the NID Agent Malcolm Barrett discovers a Rogue NID experiment. Also, a Goa'uld explosive device is activated, and they have only hours to deactivate it, or the entire city will be destroyed.



Dr. Keffler.

SG-1 arrives at a warehouse in Los Angeles where a rogue element of the NID was previously operating. Nearly everyone involved has been killed in a wholesale massacre. The only survivors are a scientist known as Dr. Keffler, and a girl, named Anna, who is being held in a strange sort of containment cell.

While Major Samantha Carter and Agent Malcolm Barrett attempt to get information out of Keffler, Dr. Daniel Jackson talks with Anna, asking her what the NID wanted with her, and about the strange and disturbing charcoal drawings that decorate her cell.

As they continue searching the warehouse's labs, SG-1 discovers the nature of the experiment as well as the horrifying truth about Anna: Anna is not an ordinary human being. She is in fact a human-Goa'uld hybrid, created by Keffler and his team in an attempt to access the memories and knowledge of the Goa'uld. It was her Goa'uld personality, Sekhmet, that took control of Anna's body and who also brutally slaughtered the rogue cell except for Dr. Keffler.

Through analyzing her drawings, Jackson discovers how to open a Goa'uld ark that had been discovered in the warehouse. However, on opening it, it was found to contain a Naquadah bomb. Dr. Bill Lee and Teal'c set to trying to defuse it, while Jackson tries to encourage Anna to remember how to defuse it through meditation. Unfortunately this leads to her alternate personality emerging, who then sets fire to all the drawings in the cell.

Ark bomb case

A Goa'uld Ark bomb.

Anna manages to escape her cell, as does Keffler when he hears about her escape. They encounter each other in a corridor, and gunshots are heard, after which Jackson discovers them both lying dead. During this time Jackson finds the drawing of the abort code to the bomb and Anna regains control of her body at some point and it's Anna, not Sekhmet, who kills Dr Keffler, and then herself, because of how evil he is.


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Notable quotes[]

Jackson: Wow.
Barrett: Recognize anything?
Jackson: (walking among the shelves) Nothing I've cataloged as coming through the SGC.
(Both Teal'c and Jackson pick up artifacts and begin to study them closer.)
Teal'c: This indicates it belongs to Sekhmet.
Barrett: Who was that?
Teal'c: A Goa'uld who at one time was loyal to Ra.
Jackson: From what we know, she was a powerful ally of his. He would routinely dispatch her to rule planets in his stead, quell rebellions, oversee mass executions. You know, all the fun stuff.
Barrett: Sounds like a real sweetheart. What happened to her?
Teal'c: It is believed she was exiled for plotting against Ra.
Jackson: We also believe that she lived here for most of his dynasty. I didn't realize this stuff had been recovered.
Barrett: From what I can gather, it may have come from the Germans.
Jackson: The Germans?
Barrett: The background I have on Keffler says that he's the son of a convicted Nazi war criminal.
Jackson: I guess we really shouldn't be that surprised.
Carter: Rogue NID really have no limits, do they?
Barrett: See if there's anything else you can tell me about this stuff.
(Jackson nods.)
Barrett: (To Carter) I'm going to go back at Keffler again. Do you wanna join me?
Carter: Sure.
(They walk away, back towards the door.)
Barrett: Just thought you might want to watch a master of interrogation at work.
Carter: (laughs) You calling in someone special?

Barrett: His nitro says he has a bad heart. I say an x-ray would confirm a total absence.
Carter: I don't know, I think he's starting to crack.
Barrett: Come on. That guy was colder than Hannibal Lecter in there.
Carter: Still, obviously no match for a master interrogator.
Barrett: I didn't see you get all Clarice Starling on his ass.
Carter: I didn't want to step on your toes.

Carter: Failed experiments of some kind?
Barrett: What kind is the question.
Carter: Well, there's one way to find out.
Barrett: No forget it major, we've already tried that; all the codes are encrypted. I've requested a data retrieval team.
Carter: Present and accounted for.

Carter: I'm in. I have complete access.
Barrett: Nice work.
Carter: The files seem to document recent work going back over three years.
Barrett: Recent work?
Carter: The artifacts go back to Napoleon. The Nazis eventually recovered them.
Barrett: They ended up in Keffler's father's hands.
Carter: They found a Canopic jar. It's a vessel containing a preserved symbiote. Keffler spliced human ovum with DNA taken from a Goa'uld.
Barrett: So the girl is a human-Goa'uld hybrid.
Carter: The Goa'uld pass on knowledge genetically. They were trying to create a human who could tell them everything a Goa'uld would know. They didn't want to wait either.
Barrett: They got the nanite technology from Area 51...
Carter: (finishes Barrett's sentence) they could make her grow up quickly. It took them 45 failures before they finally got it right. You can call off that APB.
Barrett: There is only one of her.
Carter: According to this. The previous attempts either didn't blend properly or they grew too fast and died. The technology had to be modified so the human could slowly learn to gain access to the genetic knowledge buried in her DNA... Oh my God. They tortured the poor girl.

Lee: (scanning the bomb) According to these readings there's a ten-pound block of naquadah in this thing.
Barrett: What's that supposed to mean?
Lee: That it'd be very bad if it went off.
Barrett: Well it's a bomb, right? Usually it's not a good thing when they go off.
Lee: True.
Barrett: Can we move this?
Teal'c: From what I know of Goa'uld weaponry, that would be unwise. It may have a sensor that would detect such an action.
Lee: Yeah I-I don't even want to go there. Let's uh, let's see if we can disarm it here first.
Barrett: I'm going to get the local authorities to start evacuating the area.
Lee: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Barrett: How many miles are we talking about here?
Lee: I don't know, how big is Orange County?
Barrett: (scoffs) You're kidding right?
Lee: Do I-do I look like a practical joker to you?


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  • When Dr. Daniel Jackson asks Anna about the pictures she draws, you can see a charcoal drawing of the ship from the episode "Grace". This could just be artist renderings, or it may signify that the Goa'uld have encountered the race before.
  • While talking with Anna, Jackson mentions his previous encounter with a human who had access to Goa'uld genetic memory, a reference to his encounter with Shifu in "Absolute Power", but regretfully admits to Anna that she is unlikely to Ascend like Shifu did in the end.
  • This episode does not feature a Stargate.
  • The episode makes several references to the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs. Major Samantha Carter and Agent Malcolm Barrett have a playful exchange referencing Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling, the two main characters in the movie. Anna is held in a square cell in the middle of a large room, similar to that used to hold Lecter. Finally, Dr. Keffler's speech (though not his accent) and mannerisms while being interrogated are not unlike those of Lecter, also a deranged doctor.
  • This is the only episode of Stargate SG-1 directed by Amanda Tapping. When it came to negotiations for the seventh season, Tapping insisted that her directing of an episode be part of the contract. After leaving the Stargate franchise and the conclusion of Sanctuary, Tapping transitioned to directing full time.
  • This episode has some similarities with the 1997 film Alien Resurrection. The name of course, but also they both deal with an Alien/Human hybrid, they even have a scene in both were the camera pans past earlier attempts to create the hybrid.

Other languages[]

  • French: Résurrection (Resurrection)
  • Italian: Resurrezione (Resurrection)
  • Spanish: Resurrección (Resurrection)
  • Czech: Zmrtvýchvstání (Resurrection)
  • German: Anna (Anna)
  • Hungarian: Feltámadás (Resurrection)

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