The Replicator Mass sinking into Asuras.

"A 'super-dense blob' – that's your great idea?"
John Sheppard[src]

The "Replicator Godzilla" (otherwise known as the "Replicator Mass" or "Super-dense blob") is a term coined by several members of the Atlantis expedition. It is a superheavy, superdense mass of every Asuran nanite combined together by the magnetic programming of FRAN, which was key to their plan of wiping out the Asurans once and for all during the Battle of Asuras in 2008. The term "Godzilla" was raised when they feared that the mass would adapt to its new appearance, where it started attacking its own city. However, "Godzilla" did eventually become inert when Doctor McKay was able to dial up the mass' attraction to attract with the raw Neutronium underneath the surface of Asuras, causing it to sink to the planet's core where the pressure exerted upon it caused it to implode destroying it, the planet and all of the Asurans on it. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")

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